Photos: Skydivers bring Google Glasses to the party

Photos: Skydivers bring Google Glasses to the party

Summary: Google co-founder Sergey Brin employed cyclists and skydivers in an elaborate show to highlight the powers of the company's Project Glass computerised glasses, at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco


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  • Skydivers on the screen

    Google co-founder Sergey Brin employed skydivers, cyclists and abseilers in an elaborate publicity stunt to show off the company's Google Glasses at its developers' conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.

    The network-enabled, computerised glasses — introduced under a scheme called 'Project Glass' — are fitted with a camera that records and transmits what the wearer sees. They come with a button on top to take photos and videos, and a transparent screen to show information.

    Above, Brin (left, foreground) stands in front of a live feed from one the skydivers wearing Google Glasses in a blimp above San Francisco.

    Image credit: Google

  • Skydiver looks out over the city

    Google posted a video of the stunt online, showing the live feed of the skydivers in the blimp as they prepared to descend on the Moscone convention centre. Note the feeds from each of the skydivers at the bottom of the screen.

    "You've seen demos that were slick and robust. This will be nothing like that," Brin told the crowd at Google I/O. "This could go wrong in about 500 different ways." 

    He explained to ZDNet UK's sister site CNET News some of the technical challenges involved, included the fact the 3G cuts out over 1,000 feet, making transmission of images somewhat difficult. 

    Image credit: Google

  • Skydivers POV of the city

    The live feed showed the city advancing on the skydivers as they jumped out of the blimp and dropped towards the event, landing on the roof of the convention centre.

    Image credit: Stephen Shankland/CNET News

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