Photos: Star Wars iPhone running Vista, WiMax

Photos: Star Wars iPhone running Vista, WiMax

Summary: I can't wait for the new iPhone to come out — mainly because I'm so dog-tired of listening to the never-ending screeds of rumour mongering nonsense speculating on what functionality the device will have that come out every single day. So I've decided to join in. I'm 100 per cent convinced the new iPhone will run Vista and have WiMax connectivity. In fact I'd bet my house on it.


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  • And that's the just the start of it: here are my other rock-solid bets for what we can expect to see from the next-gen iPhone. (By the way, if you've got any ideas of your own, email them to

  • Videoconferencing's earliest pioneer: Princess Leia. Star Wars saw her try out an early version of video chat. It didn't really work out. The picture quality wasn't great and the platform didn't look overly stable to me.

    If only Leia had got her priorities right. A little less grovelling to Obi Wan, a little more "Help me Steve Jobs, you're my only hope!" Maybe if she'd have got the Apple engineers on the case a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, we'd have videoconferencing that ran not only over 3G, but over space and time as well.

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  • lol

    It looks like you had a good dose of Friday-itis today Jo! I lol'd
  • very silly

    but i love it!
  • vista is so realy realy bad!

    no comments...
  • Zdnet is sssssoooooooo ANTI Microsoft

    pathetic really. Infact who still gets blue screens? Shows how out of touch Zdnets editors are.

    But I suppose they have Macs and bag Microsoft without using it. You guys are loosing respect pretty quick.
  • sense of humor

    you probably also think zdnet are anti-a-team, anti-cheese and anti-shark too - get a life you loser!

    with all the non-news rumor and speculation, this blog is a laugh and a nice change.

    keep up the great work Jo
  • A barrel of laughs

    Yes, it's so funny seeing a phone with a BSOD.

    Seriously, I've seen BSODs in lifts, at Central Railway Station, on my old computer when it ran Win 95, etc etc etc. But is it funny? No. It's droll.

    If this crap excites you then fair enough but it isn't everyone's cuppa tea.

    i dont want your house but i will take you for my wife hows that for a deal?.
  • aint one bit funny

    Lets think about it, your the loser if you find this funny.
  • Haha

    great humour zdnet =)
  • Iphone runs OSX do not even mention Windows

    OSX rarely gets any form of bsod & whilst XP gets the odd one it does get apps that can't be shut down this is a fact that Windows users experience on a daily basis.

    On OSX you can go into activity monitor & exit any app, if it's a critical app it will warn you before you quit it otherwise it's a breeze, also if it does'nt go quietly you can force quit it this a far cry from XP where usually a bad app will bring down the WHOLE MACHINE.
  • Funny My man Funny

    Oh yes the blue screen of death, the screen that every Windows user would have seen some time or another...... Go the Iphone, go Apple go OSX down with everything Windows