Photos: Sydney Googleplex Under Construction

Photos: Sydney Googleplex Under Construction

Summary: takes you on a tour of Google's new Sydney Googleplex, which is currently under construction. Australian Googlers will work in an environmentally friendly building, next to glamorous Sydney Harbour, with views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Tower, and the Star City Casino.

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  • The five-storey building, reported to cost $50 million to build, is slated to be finished between late 2008 and early 2009.


  • Google has leased floors four through six of the building, with global IT services giant Accenture taking the remainder, levels two and three.


Topic: Google

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  • Ha ha

    That last picture is so funny -- is it Eric or Rob Shilkin holding up the sign?
  • Beat up

    This building was underway way before Google signed on as a tenant. Like every business moving to Pyrmont it is great for the bean counters (lower rents) and management (parking plus views) and terrible for staff (extra 30 minutes commuting each day, terrible transport to city plus no amenities in Pyrmont)
  • Is not too bad

    I work at the building right behind. There are quite a few cafes nearby and I think the food aren't too bad.
    With the daily 30mins walk you will become healthier.
  • Are these pictures even worth the space on the site?

    Wow - a construction site!!!!

    Zdnet perhaps should have waited until the building was finished and with the Google fitout in place - that would have been more newsworthy that this complete pap.
  • googleplex moving

    Pyrmont is not several kilometeres away as claimed. Its just 5 minutes walk
  • another glass house for the few to make their millions!
  • It's a pity they don't actually fully account for the costs, all that concrete, all that metal, what is the environmental impact / energy costs / emissions of building this structure?
    surely that should be counted in it's "green star" rating?

    Where are the truly low cost (economic & environmental) natural building materials? (eg: timber & mud bricks etc)
    I hope they are not using any aluminium! - it is one of the MOST energy intensive material to make.

    How are they dealing with the loss of natural vegetation?
    The environmental warming from urban structures?
    The extra energy/cooling required for high density structures?