Photos: Telstra survival kit

Photos: Telstra survival kit

Summary: Tell the Truth Telstra (T4), an initiative formed by a group of Telstra's competitors, sent out this media pack to combat what it said was a media barrage by the nation's largest telco.

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  • Ear plugs firmly in, shouts rang out around the room. "What else is in there?"

    Gloves, it seemed. "Apply gloves before handling any Telstra propaganda," the label read.

    "Propaganda may include: media statements, speeches, third-party analysis/reports etc." Good to know.

    (Credit: Suzanne Tindal/

  • Slippery gloved fingers took the last item out of the bag. Had a top secret military document fallen into's hands? But no, it was simply a book.

    It seemed, all anyone had to do to save the world from dangerous Telstra myths was to insert the ear plugs, put on the gloves and read the book, which detailed 29 Telstra myths ranging from the expense of structural separation to the profits needed to make the national broadband network worthwhile, and explained how to diffuse them.

    (Credit: Suzanne Tindal/

Topics: Telcos, Telstra

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    Thats pathetic, it really is. Thats all that need be said.
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  • Rofl!

    What an awesome Idea!! I had better get cracking at making some of my own!
  • Inmates rule at TTTT.

    Imbeciles running the asylum.