Photos: Telstra visits the doctor

Photos: Telstra visits the doctor

Summary: Telstra doesn't just "do telephones" according to Deena Schiff, Telstra Group MD — it seems it's also got its eye on the health space. This week in Sydney, the telco has been showing off the latest health tech from its partners, including a wireless stethoscope and remote monitoring for aged and disability care.

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  • If the patient feels the need for some one-on-one chat, software installed on a set-top box enables video calls to the call centre and to other people such as their children.

  • Other forms of aged care monitoring do not require the elderly person to carry anything around with them. QuietCare monitors people in their home via five to eight of these sensors (left) placed around the house. They measure elements such as motion in rooms, or room temperature. The information is sent to a home base station (right) which every few hours passes information on to a centre. Algorithms work out if the person is doing anything out of the ordinary.

  • In the centre, many patients are monitored using a traffic light system. If a patient goes to the bathroom five times a night instead of the usual two times, a light could for example show amber, as a warning.

Topics: Telcos, Telstra

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