Photos: Ten iPad 2 apps for business users

Photos: Ten iPad 2 apps for business users

Summary: I spy with my little camera eye...


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  • I spy with my little camera eye...

    The iPad 2 arrived in UK shops late last month, generating the usual early morning queues of Apple fanboys all too eager to get their hands on a fresh slice of Cupertino hardware.

    The second generation of Apple's iPad tablet is thinner and lighter than its predecessor, with a more powerful dual-core processor boosting graphics and processing power. It also adds front- and rear-facing cameras - extending Apple's FaceTime videoconferencing feature to the iPad, as shown above. Don't expect to be snapping high-quality images of documents with your iPad 2, though. The onboard cameras offer under one megapixel apiece.

    FaceTime aside, what other apps make the most of the iPad's hardware? Click through the following pages to see our round-up of 10 business-friendly apps for the iPad 2.

    Photo: Apple

  • Skype

    FaceTime might be the app to reach for to video-chat with other Apple users but what if you want some face time with a PC user? The Skype iPhone app may not yet be optimised for iPad 2 but it will let you video-chat with other Skype users straight from the iPad.

    Photo: iTunes/Skype

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