Photos: The future of videoconferencing

Photos: The future of videoconferencing

Summary: Beam me up, Scotty...

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  • Beam me up, Scotty...

    Videoconferencing has had many false dawns over the last couple of decades because of issues with video quality, poor latency and the cumbersome nature of the products but IT giants Cisco and HP are now going head-to-head with rival high-end videconferencing products that promise a more real-life experience that can cut down on corporate travel expenses and improve collaboration.

    Cisco demoed its TelePresence offering (pictured above) at the company's annual Networkers conference in Anaheim, California this week.

    Photo credit: Andy McCue

  • The TelePresence package includes converting the room, the desk, the networking and three 65-inch high-definition screens - all supplied by Cisco.

    Each TelePresence suite is kitted out in identical fashion to create the appearance that everyone is actually sitting in the same room and everyone in the meeting appears life-size on screen.

    Directional microphones mean that when someone speaks, the sound comes from where their image is on-screen, while PowerPoint and other presentation material can be projected just below the TV screens.

    The high-end videoconferencing package comes with a hefty price tag, however - $300,000 for each TelePresence suite, not including communications costs.

    Photo credit: Andy McCue

Topic: Networking

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