Photos: The mantrapped datacentre in the heart of Brick Lane

Photos: The mantrapped datacentre in the heart of Brick Lane

Summary: How Interxion is serving the City of London from behind the curry houses...

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  • Datacentre mantrap

    Being in such a central location, security is a key concern for the Brick Lane datacentre. In order to access the datacentre once inside the building, employees and clients must pass through a mantrap entrance with two interlocking doors. Biometric data - in the form of fingerprints or iris scans - is required to pass through both doors.

    If an individual's biometric data fails to match that which the security system has on file, they are detained inside the mantrap between the two sets of doors.

    Photo: Interxion

  • Datacentre cold aisle

    This is the cool aisle of the Interxion datacentre, seen from above, with the grey power cables and yellow overhead cable trays containing Ethernet and fibre-optic cabling both visible.

    The cold aisle holds 28 server cabinets and is cooled by air conditioning which passes through the high-density server racks.

    Photo: Interxion

  • Red patch cabling

    Shown above are just a few of the many red patch cables needed to connect the servers to the datacentre's network.

    Photo: Interxion

Topic: Tech Industry

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