Photos: The mantrapped datacentre in the heart of Brick Lane

Photos: The mantrapped datacentre in the heart of Brick Lane

Summary: How Interxion is serving the City of London from behind the curry houses...

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  • Datacentre roof air conditioning

    The cooling system uses heat exchange units located on the roof of the datacentre which are protected from lightning by the metal rods above.

    Photo: Interxion

  • Datacentre roof with City in background

    The datacentre uses the outside air temperature to keep the temperature of the water down, a process known as free cooling. The chiller units are on the roof of the facility from where the City is clearly visible.

    Photo: Interxion

  • Datacentre power transformer

    The power for the datacentre is distributed from the transformer system - above - which has two separate electricity feeds in case one fails, represented by the orange and blue front panels.

    The system distributes the power via busbars above the transformer which are also designed to minimise energy loss through heat.

    Photo: Interxion

Topic: Tech Industry

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