Photos: The Symantec bunker

Photos: The Symantec bunker

Summary: ZDNet UK has taken a trip inside Symantec's nuclear bunker to get a peek at how it fights the menace of cybercrime

TOPICS: Security

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  • The airlock door is monitored by a digital camera 24/7. CCTV cameras give a 360 degree view of the outside of the bunker, and have 30 days of digitally recorded back-up.

  • Blast doors lead into the bunker. They were designed to minimise the shock waves caused by a nuclear explosion. The air inside the bunker is pressurised to 1.5 ppsi greater than the external air pressure, the stop unfiltered air entering the bunker.

  • The glassed-off room that is the Security Operations Centre. Workstations are constantly manned by up to 15 analysts. Threats are also monitored on the four flatscreens on the facing wall.

Topic: Security

Tom Espiner

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  • So this is where my money goes, bloddy Americans always go over the top.

    And how come with all this their AV software is still crap?!!