Photos: The tech behind the Olympic Games

Photos: The tech behind the Olympic Games

Summary: Behind the scenes to see IT preparations for the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics...

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • Claude Philipps, programme director at Atos Orgin for the Turin games, demonstrates the touch screen Commentator Information System, which provides real-time event data, results and background information to broadcasters covering the games.

    Photo: Andy McCue

  • For the Turin games there are 450 Intel-based servers and Unix boxes, 4,700 PCs, 700 printers, 1,000 commentator terminals and 800 intranet terminals - although a switch to open source is planned for the 2008 Beijing summer Olympics. Security is, understandably, a top priority and a range of antivirus, firewall, intrusion detection and other software tools ensure almost total lockdown of the IT equipment.

    Photo: Andy McCue

Topic: Hardware

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