Photos: Tracking the hackers

Photos: Tracking the hackers

Summary: 'The Brain' can see you...

TOPICS: Security

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  • 'The Brain' can see you...

    CyberTrust's application known as 'The Brain' tracks and monitors the activity of hackers and hacker groups who are involved in everything from virus writing to around 3,000 website defacements each day. This screenshot (shown in more detail on the next page) shows the members of a group called 'hackweiser' and their links to other groups.

    All photos: CyberTrust

  • This screen shows that members of hackweiser include hackers using pseudonyms such as 'r4ncid', Hackah Jack', 'The Milk Man' and 'bighawk'.

    The Brain also detects hackers appearing under multiple pseudonyms and tracks their relationships with one another - for example the above diagram shows 'phel0n' is connected to 'ch3wb4k4'. The Brain provides details of what those relationships involve as well as detailing all known activity by those individuals.

Topic: Security

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