Photos: Tracking the hackers

Photos: Tracking the hackers

Summary: 'The Brain' can see you...

TOPICS: Security

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  • This screen shows that members of hackweiser include hackers using pseudonyms such as 'r4ncid', Hackah Jack', 'The Milk Man' and 'bighawk'.

    The Brain also detects hackers appearing under multiple pseudonyms and tracks their relationships with one another - for example the above diagram shows 'phel0n' is connected to 'ch3wb4k4'. The Brain provides details of what those relationships involve as well as detailing all known activity by those individuals.

  • This page shows details of each hacker's pseudonyms or affiliation with a hacking group.

    In this case the hacker in question, 'The-Rev' is shown to be a member of fux0r inc, Root Shell hackers (RSH) and Sm0ked Crew, though The Brain questions the hacker's membership of RSH.

    Such intelligence enables CyberTrust to see who might be working on particular exploits and to monitor the groups' activities to better predict the timing of threats and attacks. The next page shows other data available on the system.

  • This page shows the activity of an individual, in this case a member of hackweiser. The Brain shows that on 05.03.01, for example, they attacked a Sony website. On 13.03.01 they attacked the website of weight loss organisation Jenny Craig and on 11.03.01 they attacked the Girl Scouts organisation – showing that any site is a potential target.

Topic: Security

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