Photos: Windows 8, Apple iCloud, Nokia N9, tablets and space exploration

Photos: Windows 8, Apple iCloud, Nokia N9, tablets and space exploration

Summary: Photos of the month - June 2011


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  • Windows 8

    Photos of the month - June 2011

    It seems like just a few months ago we were reporting on the launch of Windows 7. But time and operating systems wait for no man, and this June Microsoft gave us the first look at Windows 7's successor, cunningly codenamed Windows 8.

    According to Microsoft, Windows 8 will work on laptops, desktops and tablets, and will run on any computer that currently runs Windows 7.

    Pictured above is Windows 8's start-up screen, showing how the image of the screen can be personalised.

    To see more of Windows 8 in action, check out Windows 8 - Microsoft's future OS close-up.

    Photo: Rafe Needleman/CNET

  • Microsoft Office 365

    Windows 8 wasn't the only Microsoft news in town last month. June also marked the official launch of Office 365, Microsoft's cloud version of its office productivity suite.

    After being made available as a public beta this April, Microsoft announced on 28 June that Office 365 is on general release.

    Among the features Office 365 offers is the ability to create a public-facing website with hundreds of different themes.

    To see what else the cloud suite can do, see Office 365 - Microsoft's cloud suite finally in the wild.

    Image: Microsoft/Jason Parker/CNET

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