Photos: Windows 8, Apple iCloud, Nokia N9, tablets and space exploration

Photos: Windows 8, Apple iCloud, Nokia N9, tablets and space exploration

Summary: Photos of the month - June 2011


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  • Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

    Mobile software made an appearance on last month as we took a closer look at the Windows Phone 7.5 operating system, known as Mango.

    In Mango, Microsoft has made switching between open apps easier. Users now just need to press and hold the Back button below the screen - faded in this shot.

    For more details on the OS, see The juice on Windows Phone Mango - what's inside Microsoft's mobile OS update?

    Photo: Josh Miller/CNET

  • Nokia N9

    From mobile software to hardware, as Nokia announced the launch of the N9.

    The smartphone is the first and probably only device Nokia will make runing the MeeGo operating system, after committing its OS future to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 earlier this year.

    For a full look at the device and its specs, see Nokia unveils N9 - its first MeeGo smartphone.

    Photo: Nokia

  • Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service using tablets

    Mobile hardware also came in to play as Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service showed off some of the tablet computers it is using to better prepare firefighters for tackling blazes and other call-outs.

    Firefighters in the service use terminals to pinpoint the location of fires and other incidents, and to learn about potential hazards - such as gas cannisters near a blaze or information on a chemical that has been spilled.

    Pictured is a firefighter using mapping software on a mobile data terminal, which allows the crew to access information on the location of ongoing incidents.

    To find out more about how Hampshire uses tablet technology to help it tackle fires, check out Fighting fire with tablet technology.

    Photo: Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

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