Photos: Windows 8, Apple iCloud, Nokia N9, tablets and space exploration

Photos: Windows 8, Apple iCloud, Nokia N9, tablets and space exploration

Summary: Photos of the month - June 2011


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  • iOS X Lion's conversation threading in Apple Mail 5

    Rounding out the product announcements made at WWDC was the launch of the latest operating system for Macs, known as Lion.

    As well as the introduction of full-screen apps, Launchpad - an overview of the apps running on your Mac - and easier server set-up, Lion has gained a conversation thread format similar to Gmail's for Apple Mail 5, shown above.

    For a full tour of the OS, see A safari through Apple's Lion OS for Mac.

    Photo: Apple

  • Apple's Final Cut Pro x

    But that wasn't it for Apple product announcements in June - oh no. Apple was still to launch the latest version of its professional video-editing software, Final Cut Pro X.

    The new Auditions feature in Final Cut Pro X lets users see how edits they've picked out work with the rest of a sequence. Users can select multiple clips for audition, then try each one out to see how it fits in, eventually picking the best one without having to rejig the work each time.

    For the full hands-on with the video-editing software, see Apple pushes play on Final Cut Pro X.

    Image: Apple

  • Apple campus

    Continuing the Apple theme running through June's photo stories, the Mac maker last month took the wraps off plans for a new campus.

    The proposed headquarters, which has been compared to a flying saucer, will play host to 12,000 Apple employees and be situated in the company's home of Cupertino.

    For a closer look at the HQ, see Space base - Apple's new HQ comes with a sci-fi flavour.

    Photo: Apple/City of Cupertino

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