10 awesome Android tablet tips and tricks

10 awesome Android tablet tips and tricks

Summary: There are a lot of Android tablets in the market, it seems like a new one is launched each week. Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich is only just appearing on tablets, so most in owner's hands are running Honeycomb. These ten tips and tricks can be used to get better use out of Honeycomb tablets, and most should work on Ice Cream Sandwich too.


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  • Android has the Manage Applications section in the settings which is where you uninstall applications no longer needed.

    In Honeycomb, there is a much easier method to uninstall them. With the main Applications screen displayed, tap and hold the app you wish to delete from the tablet. Drag it to the trash can and boom, it's gone.

    Note that dragging app icons to the trash from the home screen does not delete them, only doing it from the application launcher screen.

  • Dropbox is a useful service for storing files either as a backup or to share with others. The files are organized in online folders to make it easier to work with them. There is an easy way to put a shortcut for any Dropbox folder on any of the Android home screens.

    On any home screen tap and hold an empty spot, or hit the big + button at the top right of the display. This opens up the home screen customization display. Hit the More tab and you'll see an icon for Dropbox folders. Hit that and select your Dropbox folder you wish to have access to on your home screen. 

    Once the icon has been put on a home screen, it can be positioned as desired just like any icon on the home screen. A dropbox folder icon is indicated in the image by the red square marker.

  • The Android browser is pretty good, but the free Dolphin Browser HD (available in the Android Market) is the best mobile browser on any platform. It has a long list of features that set it ahead of the pack, and one of the most useful is the ability to use add-ons like many desktop browsers.

    I use Evernote heavily in my work to capture information during research, and the free add-on for the Dolphin Browser makes that as easy as tapping an icon on the screen. The web page is saved to my Evernote notebook in the cloud, accessible on any device I may be using at a given time.

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  • RE: 10 awesome Android tablet tips and tricks

    In Honeycomb the about:debug command doesn't work, but then you don't need it anyway. You can get the to the debug and lab menus from the settings menu, at the top right of the browser.
    • RE: 10 awesome Android tablet tips and tricks

      @dazzlingd On my Galaxy Tab 10.1 it does indeed work. As I stated, different devices have different browsers.
      • RE: 10 awesome Android tablet tips and tricks

        @JamesKendrick Interestingly, I just tried "about:debug" on the Kindle Fire's Silk Browser and it works there too.
  • RE: 10 awesome Android tablet tips and tricks

    What's that sweet weather/clock widget that you have in the 9th image?
    • RE: 10 awesome Android tablet tips and tricks

      @StinkyCheeseMan That is HD Widgets
      • RE: 10 awesome Android tablet tips and tricks


        I can't seem to find the HD widgets app can you give more details?