10 cool iPad apps you'll wish you found sooner

10 cool iPad apps you'll wish you found sooner

Summary: There are many apps for the iPad, that do just about anything you need. These apps are off the beaten path, but shouldn't be missed.

TOPICS: Apps, iPad, Mobility

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  • The Music app preinstalled on the iPad is pretty good, but some of us want one even better. This app steps in by offering an interface that is easier to use by touch.

    It also comes with several free equalization settings that have been designed to maximize the audio output of certain headphones and speakers. The sound is tailored for each to provide the best sound possible.

    There are quite a few optimizations available for many speakers and headphones available for in-app purchase.


  • This note-taking app takes advantage of text, handwriting and image capture for getting ideas onto the screen. It uses multiple panes to allow referring to outside sources while taking notes.

    It is reminiscent of the Microsoft Courier project that unfortunately never made it to market.


  • This app isn't new but has recently gotten an interface facelift that makes it really great. You can follow all of your local sports teams in one place, with current news presented as an attractive news magazine.

    It's the equivalent of a magazine like Sports Illustrated that only reports on the teams you care about.


Topics: Apps, iPad, Mobility

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  • Best iPad apps are Planetary and video game wise I love FlySmacker.

    Im glad planetary made this list, its truly incredible. FlySmacker just makes me laugh and is very addictive.
  • how stuff works

    the only people more ignorant than the 'how stuff works' podcasters are their readers/listeners.
  • "Musicians will wonder how they kept instruments in tune ...

    ... before finding this app."

    Only non-musicians would wonder that. Musicians use contact or plugin ones that are less susceptable to ambient noise. The contact ones don't need to be propped up at a proper reading angle either.

    I think you are making it up as you go along!
    • yup

      I suspect only the highest bidders got on the list
    • It is an outstanding tuner that will tune ...

      nothing. You have to do the tuning, just as if there was no app. I'm sure it is a great tuning fork, tuner, etc., but it actually tunes nothing.
      • Thanks, Saved Me Some Money

        Oh snap! I thought this would be perfect. No need to call in a piano tuner, just startup the app and place my iPhone on the piano and wait until it finished tuning my piano.
    • Cleartune is the way to go!

      This is a great tuner used by many professional musicians. Fits well on music stands and is as least as accurate as Korg, Peterson, and other standalone electronic devices.
  • They're alright I suppose

    These apps are alright I guess but most of them would be just fine as website bookmarks and the other 2 or 3 are covering well-tread territory. Maybe an article on 10 "original" iPad apps that couldn't be done in a browser and that I'll wish I'd have found sooner.

    The writing was competent though so kudos on that!
    Nathan A Smith
  • ????

    Random picks or bribed to get on list? I just can't tell for sure . . .
  • You're Kidding

    Out of the thousands and thousand of Ipad apps, this is the list you come up with. I believe you missed the really good ones. Go back and dig again.
    • Fill us in

      So tell us what you think are the really good ones.
  • You incompetent ____

    This is a one man idea of what is good. Everyone is entitled to his or her list. If you do not like it, move on. Oh, I forgot, the idea is to put someone down for not thinking exactly like you, right? Do you not have anything better to do? However, if you all get a kick out of it, knock yourself out.
  • (Hint to some app developer out there) re Cleartune

    Darrn. I was hoping to read that it was capable of detecting-and-displaying the dominant frequency of some audio source (again, hint-hint). I can generally handle "tweaking" that source to approach some goal, but trying to "discard and disregard" the "fuzz" and ancillary secondaries IS what makes tuning a less-than-crisp-source difficult.
  • Weather App

    This is truly the best weather ever! Thanks for sharing these fantastic apps!
    Fran Constantine
  • 10 silly apps you don't need

    I would rather suggest to change the title to "10 silly apps you don't need". Waste my time to read this article.
  • 10 apps

    Why are most of you so negative? If you don't like what he thinks are good, then move on.
    • They must have run out of stuff to watch on youtube

      So they have excess trash-something-for-no-reason energy.
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  • Most used aps to recommend

    Aside from social media apps (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and entertainment apps (Netflix, BBC iPlayer, CTV), News app (CTV News), the most frequently used apps on my iPad are iBooks, WeatherEye HD [Canadian], Skype, What'sOn (zap2it tv listings), Pages, Panetary, Filterstorm (photography editing), 100Cameras, AppAdvice, Dropbox, Evernote, Moonlight Lite (mahjong game). There are others but those are used most.
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