10 creepy iPhone, iPad apps and software

10 creepy iPhone, iPad apps and software

Summary: There is some seriously creepy software floating around on the Internet for iPad, iPhone, Android and PC.


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  • The 'Girls Around Me' application, enjoying over 70,000 downloads, allowed a user to view the location of women on a map and their publicly available data and photographs -- pulled from Facebook and Foursquare. Users were also able to then contact the girls based on this information.

    The website states:

    Do you ever wonder where to go for a night out, where the coolest place is, where there are lots of pretty girls, or how to meet someone new and interesting? Girls Around Me helps you do all this! Girls Around Me scans your surroundings and helps you find out where girls or guys are hanging out. You can also see the ratio of girls to guys in different places around you. 

    In the mood for love, or just after a one-night stand? Girls Around Me puts you in control! Reveal the hottest nightspots, who's in them, and how to reach them...

    Due to subsequent privacy concerns, the application has now been pulled from the app store after Foursquare chose not to support it further -- rendering the app useless.

    Image credit: Girls Around Me

  • Make me babies is free, downloadable software that takes your image, another individuals, and creates a hypothetical child's image based on these characteristics using 'advanced facial recognition' technology.

    Photos can be of celebrities, friends, connections on Facebook or even dating site profile images.

    Be aware that this app asks for a lot of permissions. 


    Image credit: Make me babies

  • Facebook, especially with its new Timeline feature is considered a stalker's paradise by some -- and that has now been raised to a new level.

    For the photo-flipping stalker types, if you fancy fantasizing about your crush (or obsession) without their kit on, then 'False Flesh' software can provide the means to do so.

    The software allows you to save photos from social networking sites and edit out the clothing -- to show the body parts underneath. Of course, the body underneath will not be the actual natural body -- but users can substitute with a stockpile of 'prefabricated images'.

    Not enough? You can customize the body how you like -- including size and type.

    The software's advertising is obviously geared for men (considering the images of women), but the developers have said that the software has also been used by vengeful, female ex-partners.

    Image credit : False flesh

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  • unfortunate headline typo

    "Fist date go well?"

    Assault, or foreplay?
  • How Did Apple Aprove these?

    Given Apples "self proclaimed" strict security and ethical guide lines, I'm amazed they got approved. Is Apple asleep? I wouldn't be surprised if they are ridden with malware. Any app that you use to spy on someone else also spy's on you.
  • I'm gonna cry 'foul'...

    "Creepy" (#7) is a Windows app, NOT an iOS app!!!!
  • Recommend another dating app

    I would like to recommend one more dating apps, with casual games. Chat, flirt, date and meet girls & guys nearby! Hey Gal - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.havefun.fun