10 creepy iPhone, iPad apps and software

10 creepy iPhone, iPad apps and software

Summary: There is some seriously creepy software floating around on the Internet for iPad, iPhone, Android and PC.


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  • iAmAMan -- an app that will 'help you with your private life planning'.

    In other words, track several girls and their cycles in order to either stay away from the stereotypical days of fury and ice cream consumption, or for the less noble, plan your nights around who is on what cycle -- and what you can expect. 

    For the Android users among us, there is an alternative called 'Harem period tracker'. The app's developers have this to say (broken english left in tact for comedy value):

    "Do not waste your time. You will always know if your girlfriend bleeding today. Are you popular with the girls? Are you familiar with the situation when you invite a girl for a date and at the end of the evening you hear: 'Sorry, but I have "special days"?'

    Then this application is for you. It will help you to be aware of 'special days' of your girlfriends and you will never make a mistake by inviting 'wrong' girl to the date. Just add all your girlfriends and do not forget to mark sometimes when they had 'critical days.'

    The application will automatically calculate the period and will let you know when your girlfriends will have the next critical days as well as will recommend you, whom you should visit."


    Image credit: Apple App store

  • For the guy or girl pining after their crush, or perhaps someone who wants to become a shoulder to cry on in the hope of converting that into a a rebound roll in the hay, the Breakup Notifier is a tool of choice.

    You visit the site, and log in to Facebook. After choosing the friends you want to recieve relationship notifications for, you will get an email every time a change is submitted.

    The app checks these statuses every ten minutes, so you can be quick off the mark to anything you'd like to twist to your advantage. 

    Image credit: Breakup Notifier

  • Tigertext is an app that can be used to keep tab on multiple special friends -- and hide any evidence of your activities.

    Sending a cheeky late-night text, or asking someone else if they want to 'come around and watch a film'? Fear not, your textual activities can be automatically blown up without a trace.

    Apparently, the message is not only deleted from your phone, but also the service provider's server.. and the receivers' phone. Therefore, the only way that texts can be held against you in the future are if pictures are taken of the messages.


    Image credit: Apple App store

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  • unfortunate headline typo

    "Fist date go well?"

    Assault, or foreplay?
  • How Did Apple Aprove these?

    Given Apples "self proclaimed" strict security and ethical guide lines, I'm amazed they got approved. Is Apple asleep? I wouldn't be surprised if they are ridden with malware. Any app that you use to spy on someone else also spy's on you.
  • I'm gonna cry 'foul'...

    "Creepy" (#7) is a Windows app, NOT an iOS app!!!!
  • Recommend another dating app

    I would like to recommend one more dating apps, with casual games. Chat, flirt, date and meet girls & guys nearby! Hey Gal - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.havefun.fun