10 creepy iPhone, iPad apps and software

10 creepy iPhone, iPad apps and software

Summary: There is some seriously creepy software floating around on the Internet for iPad, iPhone, Android and PC.


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  • 'The Old Bill', otherwise known as the police, are often criticized for not being seen on the streets enough. 

    In a well-intentioned method to make a local community feel safer, the Surrey Police have released a free app that 'connects' the local neighborhood to their police force.

    The application allows people to see where their neighborhood officers are and what they are working on -- as well as giving people a heads' up if a crime is being committed in their area.

    Useful, or just another tool in a criminal's box of tricks?

    Image credit: Apple App store

  • WhitePages, a public records directory, have developed an app that compiles stored data and allows a use to search a location for venues, people and businesses.

    Although this can simply be considered a digital alternative to the Yellow Pages, the company turns a profit by charging for deeper records -- including background checks and criminal records.

    Add an aerial view to a person search, and you are granted with a street view of names, addresses, and publicly available phone numbers. 

    If you live in a property, the company are happy for you to 'claim' it and provide additional information for this arguably privacy-ignoring service. Perhaps it's going a little too far.

    Image credit: Apple App store

  • How does it actually feel to have an illness which takes away your identity, bit by bit?

    It isn't something most people can truly imagine. However, a past campaign used social media in order to try and give individuals a glimpse into how damaging and painful it can be.

    The app, called 'Sort me Out', gradually deleted all of your Facebook information -- as a digital replica of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. 

    Information including your friends and photos slowly vanish, in order for you to understand how it feels to feel and see your connections to the world evaporate.

    The campaign to raise awareness of these diseases has now finished. 

    Image credit: Simply Zesty

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  • unfortunate headline typo

    "Fist date go well?"

    Assault, or foreplay?
  • How Did Apple Aprove these?

    Given Apples "self proclaimed" strict security and ethical guide lines, I'm amazed they got approved. Is Apple asleep? I wouldn't be surprised if they are ridden with malware. Any app that you use to spy on someone else also spy's on you.
  • I'm gonna cry 'foul'...

    "Creepy" (#7) is a Windows app, NOT an iOS app!!!!
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