10 CSS resources for busy web designers

10 CSS resources for busy web designers

Summary: Ryan Boudreaux compiled a list of time-saving online CSS resources for busy web designers.


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  • CSS Tricks is a web design community created by Chris Coyier. This resource includes forums, videos, downloads, code snippets, and articles on all things regarding styling, coding, and CSS.


  • The Noupe Design Blog will satisfy your curiosity for what’s new and better; this site includes 29 articles on CSS in addition to articles on Ajax, general web design, Photoshop, tutorials on a variety of subjects, and a variety of articles on WordPress. Inspiring recent articles include: “Typographical Inspiration for the Weekend,” “Sexy Drop Down Menu w/ jQuery & CSS,” and recent CSS articles: “50 Free CSS/(X)HTML Templates,” and “15 CSS Habits to Develop for Frustration-Free Coding.

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