10 CSS resources for busy web designers

10 CSS resources for busy web designers

Summary: Ryan Boudreaux compiled a list of time-saving online CSS resources for busy web designers.


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  • CSS Discuss: So you think you can just read some articles or books and be okay? Well, we all know that web development is about code that doesn't work at 1:00 AM while the rest of your team is fast asleep. You're going to need to talk to someone while scratching your head and finishing up that second pot of midnight coffee, so take your questions here, and answer someone else's question while you're waiting for your answer. The online CSS community has public and private forums, a wiki, and the free subscription gives you access to all their resources.

  • For people who make websites, A List Apart CSS topic list includes many articles on the subject of separating presentation from structure and behavior. There are many tips and tricks on CSS drop-down menus, layouts, pull outs, print design, and style switching. This site offers even more topics than just CSS resources.

  • CSS Zen Garden demonstrates the beauty of CSS web design. Known as the road to enlightenment, this website is a demonstration of what can be accomplished visually through CSS based web design. New submissions are still being accepted by the Zen Garden, and any graphic designer is welcome to participate in the project; however, new submissions to the site are added and updated on a sporadic basis. The site offers inspiration with the ability to view the designs that others have created with their own CSS implementations while keeping the content consistent. Here is one of the popular CSS design submissions, “A Walk in the Garden,” by Simon Van Hauwermeiren.

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