10 CSS resources for busy web designers

10 CSS resources for busy web designers

Summary: Ryan Boudreaux compiled a list of time-saving online CSS resources for busy web designers.


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  • As simple a tool as this may seem, the CSS Cheat Sheet V2 on the Added Bytes website is very a useful tool. The handy cheat sheet is available in PDF or PNG file formats and can be downloaded for free; however, the author Dave Child does ask that folks donate to his Amazon.com wish list! Included in the cheat sheet are selectors, pseudo-selectors, units, box model, and properties list. The site also offers the cheat sheet in Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian language versions, and in Apple dashboard widget and iPod content formats.

    Dave also offers cheat sheets on other web development topics such as Python, Subversion, mod_rewrite, PHP, SQL Server, HTML, and others.

  • Deploy* is a free open-source web application that allows designers to select the name of a project, and through a series of radio buttons, you can select the Doctype, whether you want a CSS reset or jQuery integration, and it creates a zipped, ready-to-use package with all specified files and folders. Deploy* saves time and organizes your code's parent folders and more.

  • Blueprint is a CSS framework that uses a grid-like system including pre-defined typography, and includes a set of plug-ins, form styles, print styles, templates, and much more. The site offers great support including live demos, a Wiki, forums and discussion groups, a repository, and bug tracker. The zip file download is just under 4MB. However, it is not a silver bullet, and it's best suited for websites where each page may require its own design. Take a look at existing blueprint pages before deciding if the framework is right for you. You may also check out the test files in the tests directory, which demonstrates most of the features in Blueprint.

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