10 essential iPhone apps for fun and work

10 essential iPhone apps for fun and work

Summary: The app store is full of apps, and these will provide a lot of fun and productivity.


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  • The Music app preinstalled on the iPhone is pretty good, but some of us want one even better. This app steps in by offering an interface that is easier to use by touch.

    It also comes with several free equalization settings that have been designed to maximize the audio output of certain headphones and speakers. The sound is tailored for each to provide the best sound possible. There are quite a few optimizations available for many speakers and headphones available for in-app purchase.


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  • The iPhone calendar app is very basic, so this one is a good replacement for those wanting more. The views are optimized for the iPhone screen, and use a suite of gestures to operate the advanced functions.

    It is a complete replacement for those wanting a good calendar app on the iPhone.


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  • WOW James

    Again you have shown why Android and a phone like the note are the better choice.

    I mean, really, by this list I would have had to download maybe 2 things to have all the functionality of this list on my Galaxy Note.
    • Bloat Much?

      Sure, perhaps you don't need to download as much app to get more functionality, but that also means you don't have to deal with trying to unload or uninstall app that is not really necessary, but is installed so someone can make a quick buck off you.

      I mean, if Android is perfect out of the box then why so many apps are on android? It's a perfect phone, as you say.
    • Happy for You

      I'm happy you like your Note and all but this was not an article on iPhone bashing but a list of potentially useful apps. I only saw one app that I find useful enough to download so I guess that makes my iPhone better.
  • Android

    All of these are standard in Android or free. Apple needs to let there handsets do what they are able to do right out of the box without a jailbreak and do it soon. I own both a 4s and a Galaxy Note. I enjoy the Note hands down more than the Iphone. I have actually had an Iphone since the first model and Android in one form or another since Gingerbread. My main joy in Iphone at this point is jailbreaking and tinkering. I use my Note for everything else.
    • Not really

      Android - at least my HTC Thunderbolt - does not come with Kindle, Dropbox, and Evernote preinstalled. It DID come with a bunch of VZW crapware though... The built in calendar with Android is just as plain as the built in iOS calendar.
  • Basic Apps

    yEah its true, these all are essential because without these apps iPhone phone is nothing all smartphone need basic apps and then all time-pass apps.

    Kevin Smith
  • Not very exciting

    Sorry, nothing new or interesting here.