10 extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks

10 extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks

Summary: Think you know all there is to know about your iPad? Think again! Here are 10 little-known and extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks that will help you make even more of your beloved device!


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  • How to hide Newsstand

    As you're most likely aware of, there are some default apps on the iPad that are there to stay. They can't be deleted, but they can all be moved into a group... that is, all but one: Newsstand. Yes, this annoying app (to me, at least) is never used by many iPad users, yet Apple's made it such that you cannot delete it or even put it in a group. Fortunately, there's a bit of a workaround for placing it in a group, though doing as such will make Newsstand lose functionality until removing it from the group (which doesn't matter, because you want it gone in the first place). Here's what you do:

    From your home screen, long-press an app to get the apps to jiggle. Once you do this, move the app onto another app, so as to create a group. Now, here's where it gets tricky: as soon as you see the animation of a new group being created, quickly let go of the app you're currently holding, tap on Newsstand, then move it over the new group. It takes a bit of timing and a few tries to get it, but eventually, you will see Newsstand appear within the group (like pictured above).

    Since I don't ever use any of the default apps (outside of the App Store, iTunes, and Game Center), I have an app group titled "Default Apps." It's great for keeping all those apps out of sight and out of mind!

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  • App Store-browsing pro-tip

    How many times have you been browsing the App Store based on search results, and about 300-400 apps in, you find an app you want, purchase it, then return to the App Store just to find that it starts you over at result 1 of your search results? All that scrolling and panning that you have to do over and over, it gets extremely annoying. As such, I have a simple-though-effective solution:

    As pictured above, let's assume you want to see what "Tap A Tune" is. You click on it to read reviews and any application descriptions. Alright, now that you've done that, let's say you want to purchase the app. Instead of purchasing the app from the app's home screen, go BACK to your search results. They will load just as you left them. Now, see the button above next to "Tap A Tune" that says $2.99? Well, if you purchase an app from this screen (the search results screen like you see above), when you return to the App Store after it starts to load, your results will remain intact!

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  • RE: 10 extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks

    well extremely awesome isn't what it used to be. I'm still managing to resist tablets.
    • RE: 10 extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks

      @ollymorgan <br><br>How nice for you.<br><br>One day you will realise.

      But yes, these are tips & tricks. Not awesome unless you are using the device.

      A bit the same as power steering is not impressive to someone who doesn't drive.
      • RE: 10 extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks

        @richardw66 Yep. I kept from buying an iPad for a long time but once I did, I was hooked.

        Thanks for the tips too Stephen.
      • RE: 10 extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks

        @Grammarphile72 No problem! I'm glad you found them useful.
    • RE: 10 extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks


      Is it because of the lacks of Windows apps ? Well you can run Windows apps on your iPad by using ThinServer XP. Hope this helps :)
  • RE: 10 extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks

    My favorite by far is the 4-finger swipe:

    Swipe up/down to show/hide the recently used app list (the 'task manager'.)
    Swipe right/left to move between recently used apps.
  • yawn...

    Move along please, there's nothing to see
    • RE: 10 extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks

      @PensivePeter Speak for yourself. Color me stupid but I didn't know 2/3 of this stuff. Very helpful.
  • 10 extremely unintuitive iPad tips and tricks

    Thanks for those. Clearly Apple could have done a better job of making the iPad more intuitive.
    • No, they shouldn't

      @toddybottom_z Apple doesn't want you to know these until you are ready to know them. If they were free with this, Grandma would be afraid of it. The masses should just know how to buy apps and run time, no more. If you start talking swiping and jiggling icons, they will freak out. Apple knows that the common consumer can only handle two states, "on" and the other one which they often forget.
      A Gray
      • RE: 10 extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks

        @A Gray
        I agree that Mom/pop and your normal Luddite wouldn't understand much beyond 'push this button to turn it on.' But ZDNet is not targeted at that audience.
  • Looking for a feature or app?

    Does the Ipad 2 have the means of showing different desktops? I have business uses, my wife, family matters and my kids, games & social contacts, I cannot risk, getting my matters mixed up, nor do they want their confidences disclosed. How can we accomodate each onther on one unit?
    • RE: 10 extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks

      @ablediver Unfortunately no. There are jailbreak solutions but not sure how bug-free they are.
    • RE: 10 extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks

      Apple would ideally like you to buy one iPad per user!!!
      • RE: 10 extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks

        @jaykayess Just as every other vendor would like you to do with their device.
    • support for multiuser

      nope, not on Apple devices... They are consumer grade devices not designed for multiuser or the enterprise...... for that you need a Windows based device...
  • Hmmm..

    I wouldn't go as far as "Extremely awesome"... more like cool tips. Thanks though!
    • RE: 10 extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks

      @Mcleary316 Yeah, I can see how this title comes off a bit sensationalistic, but I'm admittedly overly-enthusiastic about things like this from time-to-time. I get excited by the prospects of learning and/or teaching new things that aren't otherwise made readily apparent!
      • RE: 10 extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks

        @StephenChapman Maybe a suggestion for a follow-up article: "Why I don't use iPad's 'Default Apps' - and what I replaced them with" - I'm very curious how you get around ALL of such basic apps as Contacts, Calendar, Messages, Maps, YouTube, Camera, Reminders,...
      • RE: 10 extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks

        @realinjun Great idea! I'm hoping your reply was meant with sincerity and not snarkiness, haha. (You know how the Internet has a way of stripping emotional context behind the text.) Put simply, I don't use any of those types of apps in any form -- be it the default apps or otherwise! Sans the occasional YouTube video that I follow from a place where it's linked to, I just don't use them. That's not to say I have an aversion against Apple's default apps (though I DO with our severe limitation of dealing with Newsstand). I just have no use for them at the moment.