10 iPad 2 apps for business

10 iPad 2 apps for business

Summary: iPad 2 owners will be able to find more apps for business that take advantage of the gadget's increased processing power.

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

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  • The second generation of Apple's iPad tablet is thinner and lighter than its predecessor, with a more powerful dual-core processor boosting graphics and processing power. It also adds front- and rear-facing cameras - extending Apple's FaceTime videoconferencing feature to the iPad, as shown above.

    Silicon.com's Natasha Lomas checks out whether other apps make the most of the iPad's hardware. Click through the following pages to see our round-up of 10 business-friendly apps for the iPad 2.

    Photo: Apple

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  • FaceTime might be the app to reach for to video-chat with other Apple users but what if you want some face time with a PC user? The Skype iPhone app may not yet be optimized for iPad 2 but it will let you video-chat with other Skype users straight from the iPad.

    Photo: iTunes/Skype

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  • The WebEx for iPad app enables iPad users to conduct WebEx meetings on their slate. But with the iPad 2's cameras on board, WebEx users can also tap into two-way videoconferencing.

    Photo: iTunes/WebEx

Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • RE: 10 iPad 2 apps for business

    Read this and have to say you must be looking for a very generic business set.
    My company is currently evaluating the iPad 2 with more of a look to iWorks, email, cloud and other services / apps.
    (fyi - having mem issues with larger files in iWorks apps)

    In regards to your list and my world.....

    Facetime - tried via the i4 and found it was pretty lame

    Skype - don't use it

    Webex - business has moved to Communicator

    Fuze - don't use it

    Boardbooks - moved to Sharepoint

    Google Earth - don't use it

    Word Lens - tried this in PR. didn't work so well

    Hootsuite - don't use this

    iMovie - not in my business

    Popplet - don't use it

    GarageBand - maybe for playtime?

    Overall - not exactly what I picture as business apps, but areas do differ.

    • RE: 10 iPad 2 apps for business

      I have to agree, these are not business apps and I don't use most of them. Facebook is the only one and that's strictly for personal things at this time.
    • RE: 10 iPad 2 apps for business

      @rhonin We use 00v00 and are very happy
    • RE: 10 iPad 2 apps for business


      Agreed. These are not business apps.

      How about time entry to a back end system. Or document management. Citrix. Robust email (Outlook, Lotus Notes). Etc. These are business apps.

      We often develop applications in house. I don't think this platform lends itself to this. If we were going this route, the ipad would need to have robust browser support because that would likely be our only avenue for custom apps.
      Schoolboy Bob
      • Maybe it's just the wrong platform

        @Schoolboy Bob
        I agree. Just because you use it at the office, doesn't mean it's a business app.

        I'm interested to see what's possible with the new BlackBerry Playbook, since it will have a direct line to the corporate LAN via the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. That's going to be important for tablet-based business apps.

        If Apple cares about enterprise adoption, they need to provide a similar internal access gateway server to pass through user authentication for enterprise application access. Nobody want to screw around with establishing a VPN connection and then logging into an internal application just to check status on an internally-hosted management dashboard. The "cloud" is still untrusted by many and BES has provided a transparent way to access on-premises corporate data without the hassle of additional connection conduits and authentication steps.
      • RE: 10 iPad 2 apps for business

        @Schoolboy Bob
        true.... our evaluation rival is the Xoom.... not perfect but looking better in terms of productivity apps and custom requirements.....

    • Amen!

      @rhonin - No one will even take credit for writing this! If you have an iPad and attend business meetings, you may want to look at QuickAgenda. Anyone else know of a good BUSINESS app???
      • RE: 10 iPad 2 apps for business

        Have to take a look - thx!
      • RE: 10 iPad 2 apps for business

        The following are some of the apps I use for business work.<br><br>ithoughts<br>DropBox<br>Evernote<br>Toodledo<br>MeetingRec<br>LogMeIn<br>VMware View<br>WebEx<br>LastPass Tab<br>SG Project Pro<br>PrintBureau
    • RE: 10 iPad 2 apps for business

      @rhonin given that zdnet seems mostly to produce linkbait articles claiming the iPad is irrelevant to business and a toy, you can't really expect much insight into the iPad in business terms.<br><br>There are a lot of very useful business apps on the iPad, and far more useful -- even generally useful -- apps than the ones mentioned (VNC clients would seem like an obvious "must have", but it's hard to simply pick one and call it The One; how about Square's app for small business?)
    • RE: 10 iPad 2 apps for business

      @rhonin I agree. Let's look at the serious apps lile the use of Numbers, Pages, Keynote, and the Serious Genius products like SG Project. Now we're talking business apps. :)
      Jeff Tyler
      • RE: 10 iPad 2 apps for business

        Another vote for the SG line of products. I am using SG Project Pro to show a high level view of my teams current projects.
    • RE: 10 iPad 2 apps for business

      @rhonin have to agree mostly with this comment - too many of the same type of apps and I don't see all but WebEx and Hootsuite as real "business" apps.
    • These ARE business apps to the typical Apple user

      Apple apologists are (like Apple) so removed from the real world that they believe these are "business" apps. Which is why they see no problem with the way Apple cripples these handheld Unix computers to the point of uselessness.<br><br>The lack of legitimate I/O and a user-accessible file system on iOS devices pretty much relegates them to toy status. Apple didn't learn anything from the failure of DRM on music. Making these devices' capabilities accessible to developers and serious applications would make them useful for a vast new array of purposes, and have absolutely no negative effect on current uses and users.
      • RE: 10 iPad 2 apps for business


        No, they are not. Business apps would include things like word processor, spreadsheet,communications, drafting, graphic arts and general accounting tools. These apps exist and in most cases work very well.

        There is no need for external device connection on a fully portable device like the iPad, those connections are only needed by the tech community and hackers not the average business user who doesn't even store data on their local computer anyway.
      • RE: 10 iPad 2 apps for business

        [i]No, they are not. Business apps would include things like word processor, spreadsheet,communications, drafting, graphic arts and general accounting tools. These apps exist and in most cases work very well [/i]

        Sorry Robert, can't agree with that. One of our biggest challenges is the use of these so-called "business apps" on the iPad and iPad2. These work great for simplistic documents but as you start adding in complexity and size they quickly fail. Not to mention the memory issues we are running into, especially with Keynote and Numbers - ouch! And mention one of these to our Finance folks (fyi - I'm an engineer) and they have a conniption fit due to the lack of "decent" financial or spreadsheet software.

      • RE: 10 iPad 2 apps for business

        @dgurney Apple didn't learn anything from the failure of DRM on music? Apple didn't want it there in the first place, the STUDIOS demanded it. And Apple's iTunes was one of if not THE first major store to eliminate it.

        I'm not apologizing for anything, just want to make sure the facts are right. The context is certainly not.
      • RE: 10 iPad 2 apps for business

        @dgurney Err, it was Apple that wanted to drop DRM from music (and did so as soon as the music studios allowed it).

        This list doesn't really represent my use of the iPad as a business tool. Also a lot of such a list is hampered by not being about to include the built-in apps... I mean, who'd miss email off the list? (Oh yeah, RIM with the PlayBook...)
      • RE: 10 iPad 2 apps for business

        I think too many sales people try to sell tablets as replacements to a laptop. There not! I am sitting here typing on my laptop with external Monitor, USB encrypted drive, YubiKey, USB mouse. It is not as portable as my tablet but the work I do on a tablet is not all the tasks of my core job. It is a challenge to work with a laptop on the train (or anywhere else without access to a large monitor), hence the tablet fits a niche of quick access. It boots fast and takes up less room espcially when standing email, web, notes and a few business apps I have found that will share data with my laptop programs.
      • RE: 10 iPad 2 apps for business


        best ipad 2 apps: ipad2-apps.iresort.biz