10 little-known YouTube tips and tricks

10 little-known YouTube tips and tricks

Summary: Check out these 10 little-known tips and tricks that will have you using YouTube in a completely different way!


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  • Have you ever clicked on a video simply because of the image you see in the thumbnail? Well, instead of waiting for it to pop up at some point in the video, the following steps will allow you to see it instantly:

    1: Right-click on the video when it starts playing. (Note: You have to wait until ads finish playing or until you can skip them.)

    2: From the menu that appears, click "Stop download."

    3: Money.

    Once you see what it was that made you click on the video in the first place, the next cool thing might be to somehow save the image, right? Lucky for you, I'm going to show you how to do that (and then some) in the next YouTube trick!

  • If you've ever seen images in YouTube videos (or any other video on the Internet, for that matter) that you'd like to save, then you might be thrilled to learn you can not only save them, but you can also find them in much higher resolution! Sound crazy? Prepare to get your geek on! This trick may seem quite involved, but I promise you that once you do it a handful of times, it won't take you but ~7-10 seconds to find a high-resolution version of the image you're seeking!

    1: Pause the video you're watching at the exact spot where the image you want to save is being shown.

    2: Use your operating system's "print screen" functionality to take a screen shot of the image you want to save. If you have Windows 7, use the Snipping Tool application that ships with the OS. If you have a Mac, use Command + Shift + 4. Alternately, you can take a screen shot of your entire desktop (which copies it to your clipboard), then open your favorite image editor, paste the image into it, then crop out the specific image you want to save.

    3: Now that you have a standalone image of the picture you're interested in, head on over to Google Images. See the tiny little camera icon inside the search box, just to the left of the search button? Click that little camera and you'll see a box pop up that says "Search by image." Within that box, look for the blue text that says "Upload an image," then click it.

    4: Now click the "Browse" button, then find the image you took a screen shot of and select it to upload. (Alternately, you can simply click and drag the image into that search box field.)

    5: Once your image uploads, Google will then quickly search its massive index of images to find images that look exactly like (or similar to) the image you uploaded! You can sort these images by size, so as to find the highest-resolution one you can find.

    6: Cash flow.

    Now, there isn't a guarantee that your image will be found, but this method is successful for me ~98% of the time. And the best part about it is that you can use this method for *any* image you see on the Web! Reverse image search truly is an enriching way to search.


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  • Tracking IP address is not always useful

    Most large corporate offices have one IP address displayed for all employees in that facility. So tracking users by IP address does not help.
    • It could absolutely help, but would the tradeoff be worth it?

      I think the question of it helping is the wrong question, because it absolutely *would* help. The question should be whether the risk of multiple people behind one IP address not being able to vote on *the same comment* is worth the tradeoff.

      All I'm suggesting is that multiple votes on one comment from the same IP address should be, at the very least, tempered. As it stands, you can easily blast votes to get comments to the top (and, likewise, demote other comments).

      Perhaps comment-voting on the same comment from the same IP address should be limited to once every 10, 15, 30, or 60 seconds? I think something to that effect would have more positive ramifications than negative ones.

  • cant believe what im reading

    your actually promoting this type of behavior bad bad bad

    multiple gmail accounts - fake voting, why single out gmail?
  • Downloading YouTube videos

    And YouTube's Terms of Service?


    5. General restrictions on use

    D. you agree not to (or attempt to) circumvent, disable or otherwise interfere with any security related features of the Service or features that (i) prevent or restrict use or copying of Content or (ii) enforce limitations on use of the Service or the content accessible via the Service;

    You are inciting others to break those "Terms of Service"?

  • utube

    Just get the download app for android
  • Tip 11

    Tip 11: Get AdBlock Plus and say goodbye to video ads (so annoying! I didn't care that they had text ads and banner ads floating on top of the video, but when Google decided to cash in on video ads *before* the actual video, it destroyed everything YouTube stood for to me!)