10 reasons why you can't quit Facebook

10 reasons why you can't quit Facebook

Summary: 10 simple enough reasons why you will not be able to quit the world's largest social networking site, Facebok.


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  • We're all a little bit paranoid. What happens when you fall out with someone in real life, and you can't turn to Facebook to see if they're badmouthing you. A wave of paranoia begins, and you could well be facing a huge storm and barrage of evil on the site without your knowledge. At least if you're on the site you can defend your honour.

    Read more by Zack Whittaker on quitting Facebook here, and why quitting Facebook is like quitting smoking here, and the ZDNet Friending Facebook column by Emil Protalinski.

  • But arguably, the biggest thing to face is social exclusion. Just because you might want to throw in the towel and give up on Facebook doesn't mean that the rest of your following or friends will. It's a symbiotic relationship; Facebook only really works if you have your connections there. If they're not, and your friends are more into texting or phoning each other, then you can do without. But seeing as nearly 1 in 11 people in the world are on the social network, it's quite likely that they are.

    Read more by Zack Whittaker on quitting Facebook here, and why quitting Facebook is like quitting smoking here, and the ZDNet Friending Facebook column by Emil Protalinski.

Topics: Social Enterprise, Collaboration

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  • incliq.com

    The fundamental problem with all web-based social networks is you rely on a third-party to store and transmit your information. We've seen countless examples of situations where people believed their information was private on Facebook only to learn it's not.

    On top of all that, Facebook's privacy policy is entirely written to benefit them, not you. Everything you post can be used to drive revenue for Facebook - that doesn't seem right.

    Check out INCLIQ - it's not just another social network, it directly solves the problems outlined above. Your private data is never sent-to or stored-on incliq.com servers.
  • Might as well be promoting crack

    So call a spade a spade: Facebooking is an addiction. I work for a wireless telco doing consumer tech. I cannot tell you how many think the internet or their phone is "broke!" because the facebook app or site doesnt work. I am glad i shut down my account.
    • RE: 10 reasons why you can't quit Facebook


      I do help desk support too and I hear ya. But, unlike some others, at least you tried it before commenting on it.
  • RE: 10 reasons why you can't quit Facebook

    never joined Faceplant, never will.
    • RE: 10 reasons why you can't quit Facebook


      So, why bother commenting?
      • To let the whole world know...

        ...not everybody's jumping on board.

        Got a problem with that?
  • Thanks for the advertisement!

    What's the article about, again?
  • RE: 10 reasons why you can't quit Facebook

    As I read about privacy concerns with Facebook, so far I haven't joined that. Or Twitter. I hadn't found them useful to me. They're popular, they fill a need, so they are certainly successful enterprises. But that doesn't make them for everyone.
    • RE: 10 reasons why you can't quit Facebook


      Also, so why bother commenting?
  • Why does some idiot think

    people who don't use Facecrack should bother posting their comments here.

    It's called having an opinion, but if you want to form a fanboy club and eliminate anti-Facecrack chatter from it, you are welcome to do so. Otherwise, its a free world, baby!
    • RE: 10 reasons why you can't quit Facebook

      @BGrigg <br><br>lol, having an opinion about someone who has an opinion about people having an opinion about something which they haven't tried, regarding an article aimed at people who HAVE tried and are using the service.<br><br>I am hardly a fanboy: I'm 60 and while I do have a FB account (as well as a twitter, Google, Windows Live, Battlenet, um ... SecondLife, Microsoft Social Assistance Comptia and LinkedIn etc.), I have them not because I am addicted to them but to develop an understanding about them. Too often we are inundated by people with opinions while not understanding the issues: the current Canadian Election is a great case in point.
  • free world

    The less secrecy there is in the world, the less likely it is that things can go wrong/bad, or at least that's what one can say if they are an innocent god-like individual.
    For those who are more devil-like, we/you love the recognition because whether we use Facebook or not, others will do it for us.
    Meanwhile, super solar storms will soon throw us back into the telegraph world -- but only after the recovery begins.
    Rudy Haugeneder
  • RE: 10 reasons why you can't quit Facebook

    here's one reason you can't quit facebook: because facebook doesn't let you erase your account!! I hate and can't stand facebook, I wish it would crumble.
    • RE: 10 reasons why you can't quit Facebook


      Yes you can. You click on the Help section and then click Permanently Delete account. It takes up to 14 days to process. In case a user changes their mind. But, alas, you can permanently delete your account.
  • RE: 10 reasons why you can't quit Facebook

    face-crack, face-blog, face-plant... oh oh .. you know about plants.. especially trees... down go the roots.. and they just grow and grow and grow and grow....
  • RE: 10 reasons why you can't quit Facebook

    Okay do I really want to know what the kid who ate his own poo in my grade three class is doing now? The sad thing is I find out he was much more interesting in grade three. You have a kid, a girlfriend, a car and a couple of hikes into the mountains - I look at you then I flick to another person's page find almost the exact same scenario elsewhere - well perhaps the car is green and the girlfriend is blonde. Idiot seventeen year olds bending their face towards the webcam in such a ways as to make their eyes look gigantic and sultry and their chin look small and insignificant. Sexy oh yeah. A kid I know takes a new webcam shot of his ever changing hairdos every week or two...gawd get over yourself. Why should I find this even remotely interesting!
  • RE: 10 reasons why you can't quit Facebook

    Ive quit it 2X ,,,, its easier than Lindsey Lohan
  • RE: 10 reasons why you can't quit Facebook

    I have quit. Its all private companies that have no regard for your information and lots of other reasons. Life is pretty good without it; I have more time to do stuff that matters. Nice try, trying to convince yourself and others on your facebook addiction. This article seems more like propaganda from facebook and people who have jobs like "social media expert". LOL.
  • RE: 10 reasons why you can't quit Facebook

    A friend at work arrived home to find flames, yes flames! coming out of his stove! It was his wifes turn to cook and her excuse for almost burning the house down was she was playing some stupid facebook game and didnt want to lose. The stove is 10 feet from the computer. People get so wrapped up in it they forget about real life! Maybe thats the attraction, their lives are so small and petty they need an escape? I tried fb and it did nothing for me, didnt make me money, didnt further me spiritually or mentally (I think I may have actually lost an IQ point or two while on it) I just dont see the point. I mean really who cares if you are at timmies or the grocery store? If I want to know, I will ask!! Anyway thats just my humble opinion.
  • Privacy is an issue of what info divulge

    I have an account that I almost never use, but if you want to ever catch up with an old friend or friend a girl you might have met (I know its rare). There's no easier way. Privacy is only an issue if you give private information. They can't scan your computer and steal your credit cards (that's for the girl that you met on facebook).
    Also, wathcing a bad movie or visiting a website you don't like will probably not lower your IQ or make you physically sick.