10 stress-relieving apps for iPad

10 stress-relieving apps for iPad

Summary: Are you stressed out? Do you have an iPad? If your answer is "yes" to both of those questions, then you owe it to yourself to check out the apps on this list! Ah, relaxation...

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

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  • Put simply, this app is all about zen and relaxation. It's filled with samples of everything from waterfalls to wood flutes, thunder to rain, the ocean to tribal drums, and far more. You can enable/disable whichever sounds you like by touching the respectively-labeled wood signs, or you can play preselected arrangements and worry not about fidgeting with creating your own soundscapes.

    As a musician, this app allows me to relieve stress not only by its relaxing sounds, but by enjoyably piecing together my own soundscapes. You don't have to be a musician to love this simplistic and relaxing app, though!

    App Store Link 1: Relax Melodies Premium HD ($3.99 + optional in-app purchases)

    App Store Link 2: Relax Melodies HD (Free reduced content, ad-supported version)

  • How relaxing can wind chimes be? Extremely, as I've learned, thanks to Breeze: Digital Chimes. You can select the type of chimes you would like to hear, a backdrop, and a small range of ambiance, like rain, birds, and more. Personally, my favorite setup is metallic wind chimes with a cloudy backdrop and rain + wind for ambiance. Extremely relaxing, if I do say so myself (and I do)!

    App Store Link: Breeze: Digital Chimes ($1.99)

  • Fluid Toy 2 is a simple app, whereby you influence fluid/particles/etc. on the screen with your finger. There are options for increasing/decreasing gravity, viscosity, and more. Coupled with relaxing music and plenty of additional options, this is a great app to just space out with for a while.

    App Store Link: Fluid Toy 2 ($0.99)

Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • RE: 10 stress-relieving apps for iPad

    and the most stress relieving app for the iPad is:
    turn the damn thing off, unplug from all the gadgets, and rest!
    who knows, maybe you'll relearn the simple pleasures of humming, whistling, or maybe even singing a simple little song to yourself.
    • RE: 10 stress-relieving apps for iPad

      @CaptOska To each his/her own, I suppose!
  • Stress relieving...

    I hope no one will post that their version of stress relief is playing that darn "Angry Birds" game. lol
    Creeping Critter
    • RE: 10 stress-relieving apps for iPad

      @Creeping Critter hahaha, no doubt. It's all fun and games until you start getting to the later levels!
  • RE: 10 stress-relieving apps for iPad

    Just an FYI. It's lightning NOT lightening. You made this typo several times in these reviews.
    • RE: 10 stress-relieving apps for iPad

      @tomkemp Ah, crud. That's one of those I always mix up when furiously typing away! Thanks for mentioning it. Fixed.
      • RE: 10 stress-relieving apps for iPad

        Please also note difference the between "simple" and "simplistic".
  • RE: 10 stress-relieving apps for iPad

    The article's title says iPad apps, yet the very first app (Magic Window ) shows that it is for retina display...since when does the iPad have retina display???
  • RE: 10 stress-relieving apps for iPad

    thomkemp knows how many times stephen chapman mispells lightning in many different posts. thomkemp needs a relaxation app for his ipad!! one called "relax this is just a posting forum" not a doctor degree spelling testing facility.
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