$100 LY-706 MID Android tablet teardown

$100 LY-706 MID Android tablet teardown

Summary: Bill Detwiler cracks open the $100 LY-706 MID Android tablet. This low-price tablet has chips from Samsung, Hynix, Wolfson Micro, and VIA.


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  • As I popped off the back cover, the speaker grils (thin pieces of plastic) began to come loose from the display assembly.

    Photo by: Bill Detwiler / TechRepublic
    Caption by: Bill Detwiler

  • Instead of having metal or even plastic speaker grills attached to the back cover or integrated with the speakers, the LY-706 uses extremely thin pieces of pliable plastic. This was the second indication that the device's construction wasn't on the same level as the Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy tab.

    Photo by: Bill Detwiler / TechRepublic
    Caption by: Bill Detwiler

  • With the back cover removed, we get our first look inside the LY-706 tablet. The batteries, main PCB, and a few secondary PCBs are clearly visible.

    Photo by: Bill Detwiler / TechRepublic
    Caption by: Bill Detwiler

Topics: Processors, Hardware, Laptops, Mobility, Networking, Samsung, Tablets

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  • RE: $100 LY-706 MID Android tablet teardown

    "I seen LY-706 devices with black and white back covers. Our unit has a shinny black one."

    Really, Bill Detwiler? "I seen...a shinny black one"?

    The death of Journalism.
    • RE: $100 LY-706 MID Android tablet teardown

      Spelling error corrected. Thanks for pointing it out.
      David Grober
  • RE: $100 LY-706 MID Android tablet teardown

    Our first clue that this is a POS is right up front, on the box: the glossy cover photo makes usable screen area appear to be ~20% larger than actual size.
    Justa Notherguy
    • RE: $100 LY-706 MID Android tablet teardown

      @Justa Notherguy I usually stop reading when I see the word "resistive". I'd rather pay more (exorbitantly more) for a capacitive screen and not have to shout obscenities at my device every day, than get the resistive screen and be out $100 when I chuck the f$%king thing out the nearest window within a week.

      Honestly, I don't know who is buying these slow, clunky devices, when you can pick up the cheapest iPad for 499, and there are 1ghz capacitive tablets targeting the 399 range soon.

      Full disclosure: I took the plunge and bought a Galaxy Tab and I've been supremely pleased with it. I toyed with a few of the less expensive devices (the Cruz, some others that the names escape me) and they were frustrating - you spend more time just trying to get an app to open than actually using the device.
      • RE: $100 LY-706 MID Android tablet teardown

        Depends for what you use it for. A capacitive screen responds to changes in temperature and resistive responds to pressure. It also depends on the quality of each, i.e. a poor capacitive screen would be just as bad as a poor resistive screen, but resistive screens are relatively cheaper. Plus, the 'brand' issue as you yourself just mentioned. Amazon bought a resistive screen company last year that can detect thousands of independent inputs on a screen. Who knows what the end result of that will be.
  • Amazing

    Amazing what $100 can buy now! I remember when $100 wouldn't buy you a 10BaseT Ethernet card!

    Amazing, but not necessarily very useful.

    Capitalism sure does suck.
  • RE: $100 LY-706 MID Android tablet teardown

    "as we take a peak"

    Unless you're climbing a mountain with your device, it should read "take a peek". =p

  • RE: $100 LY-706 MID Android tablet teardown

    Had three or four of these under-powered junk tablets, spendin more time waiting on them, rather than working with them.

    I finally took the plunge, buying a proper tablet, selecting the iPad over the Galaxy solely because of screen size. No regrets. Great performance too.
  • RE: $100 LY-706 MID Android tablet teardown

    I have one right now and i love it! I mean sure it isnt ANYTHING close to an ipad or galaxy tab, but for those of us who cant afford to drop 400+ this tablet will suffice. I mean it plays music, responds to touch O.K and i can download music directly on the tablet from the internet.
    Of course if you compare it to a ipad its gonna suck, i mean they ARE only 150 (which is what i payed for mine). and ipad is in the 400 - 1000 league which is a much bigger pool. Now if you compare them to the other 100-200 range in android tablets MID comes out on top. I mean it has a camera, Wifi and 3G service all for 150. Im not goning to drop an extra 300 or so because i dont like how it feels? i mean come on people
  • RE: $100 LY-706 MID Android tablet teardown

    I just wanted to read the reviews before I paid for one I won in an auction for $98, the price was too good to be true, so now I know thank you. I will save for an iPad.
    • RE: $100 LY-706 MID Android tablet teardown

      The newer devices are MUCH faster although the look exactly like this one. They are running at 800 Mhz and are actually quite useful.
  • RE: $100 LY-706 MID Android tablet teardown

    I have one of these "no name" $100 tablets. I don't do anything fancy with it: I use it while sitting on the sofa to do casual browsing on the Web, read emails, watch a download video, and read ebooks.
    If your needs are very basic, it is a useful supplement to a laptop. If you're just looking up something on Google, it's simply less hassle and less clunky to fire up a 7" tablet than to power on a 15" Windows laptop.
  • software

    I own one of these and it will not get past the boot screen. anyone know where i can get the specific android for this tablet.
  • RE: $100 LY-706 MID Android tablet teardown

    I was extremely pleased with mine. I mean it isnt an ipad but it works great and was affordable for me at the time, definitely a solid product. I only paid $95 for mine at NewfieDeal.com
  • good idea about android

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  • RE: $100 LY-706 MID Android tablet teardown

    Any chance of you tearing into a newer one like this http://www.ebay.ca/itm/New-7-Google-Android-2-3-WIFI-G-SENSOR-Camera-Tablet-PC-MID-4GB-/330648752148?pt=US_Tablets&hash=item4cfc339014 with Android 2.3 and 4GB Nand Flash, for only $79.99USD and seeing if it is any better?
  • Good tablets.

    I have an android tablet from Vizio and a playbook. Both do as good as my friends ipads and and I paid $199 for each.

    I ran across a little tablet like this in a trade. i gave it to my fiance (until we get something better) but in the meantime cani hack the battery? do you know the v and mah?
  • thx for sharing

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  • very impressive