15 gadgets every 8-bit gamer needs

15 gadgets every 8-bit gamer needs

Summary: If you're a gamer who loves the 8-bit era, you have no excuse not to own at least half of the items on this list! This gallery picks up from assuming you already own at least your favorite 8-bit system...

TOPICS: Mobility

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  • Remember how I said there's a thriving console mod/hacker community? Well, that very community is where this, the fully-functional NES controller coffee table, was birthed. If you look closely, you will see an actual NES controller on the corner of the table. This could easily be the center piece in a person's gaming room. Bonus that it will actually work as a controller, too!

  • In addition to your 8-bit hand hanger, Atari coat hangers are a surefire way to make you an instant hit amongst your 8-bit friends. Not to mention, they just plain look great in that retro sort of way.

  • The Pixel Mouse is a fresh, new take on something that's as old and timeless as the hand mouse pointer is. Live it up in pixel heaven as you surf the Internet for your favorite 8-bit emulators and ROMs to store and run on your GP2X Caanoo or Open Pandora!

Topic: Mobility

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  • RE: 15 gadgets every 8-bit gamer needs

    I want it all! :-D
  • RE: 15 gadgets every 8-bit gamer needs

    Although in general the old 8-bit games are better in many ways I don't game enough to say I even play them ot sny others for thst matter. My PC is a tool, not s game machine.
  • RE: 15 gadgets every 8-bit gamer needs

    ...see, now I have to buy those shoes.
    • RE: 15 gadgets every 8-bit gamer needs

      @Aerowind I'm really glad to see you enjoy these gadget galleries I'm cooking up! Sorry if I'm draining your bank account, though. lol. :)
  • RE: 15 gadgets every 8-bit gamer needs

    The oven mitts and tie were pretty awsome.