15 Gadgets, games and apps to keep you fit, healthy and active

15 Gadgets, games and apps to keep you fit, healthy and active

Summary: Struggling with your New Year Resolutions? Trying to stay motivated? Here are some apps and gadgets to keep you going.

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  • Are you trying hard to work at your New Year fitness resolutions but you feel like you would like to try something new to keep you on track?  Here are some apps, gadgets and games to keep you on track. Kudos to BCSWomen for their input to the collection.

    The Garmin Forerunner 305 has GPS and a heart rate monitor to track your progress. There's an option to run against a virtual partner to help you keep to your desired 5k and 10k time. It tracks cycling routes too and saves your progress onto your PC. The battery life is excellent too.

    Credit: Amazon

  • The Nike+ GPS app tracks running distance, personal best and session times. It gives you challenges that you can compete in via the Nike Running website so you can compete against other people. It sends updates to Facebook or Twitter so you can get some really motivational comments from family and friends.

    Credit: App Store

  • With 85 workouts to help you, this mobile app gives you personal training wherever you are. you can set your fitness level and your goal.  You can get a range of workouts that meet your criteria whether  you are a beginner or a fitness fanatic.

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Topics: Hardware, Mobility

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