15 techy things to keep you busy this Thanksgiving

15 techy things to keep you busy this Thanksgiving

Summary: From trying out new products and services to updating your devices, here are 15 things to keep you busy this Thanksgiving holiday.


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  • Thanksgiving can either be a great time of year with family and friends, or it can be a painfully boring time of year... with friends and family. But while you have some time off work and are spending the hours dwindling around the house with nothing to do, here is a selection of 15 techy things to keep you preoccupied for a few hours.

    From trying out new products and services, to updating your technology and keeping track of your social networking activity -- as well as picking up some freebies along the way, these things will keep your mind busy for the next few hours as you buy, try and tinker with.

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  • iCloud is Apple's latest venture into cloud computing to enable 'simplicity' across iOS devices, like iPhones and Macs. It even runs on Windows.

    But setting it up if you have an existing email account like Gmail can be tricky. If you have an existing non-Mobile Me account, you may finding migrating to iCloud somewhat difficult, and it may not necessarily be worth your while if you already have contact and calendar synchronisation. Why break something that isn't broken?

    But once you get there, you will find the experience seamless and easy. It really does "just work" across your iPhone, Mac and other devices.

    Apple has published a how-to guide to get started. It's worth every penny -- which is a lot, considering iCloud is free. 


  • Applications can be spammy and hijack your profile, and could be one of many reasons why so many people's profiles are 'jacked and suffer malware attacks. Sometimes websites can present themselves as perfectly normal -- like a video sharing site. But when you go to click on the 'play' button, it can "Like" something in the background that shows up on your Facebook profile without your knowledge.

    As first reported on by ZDNet's Violet Blue, this same linkspam was reportedly the reason why there was a flood of blood, gore and violent imagery, as well as pseudo-celebrity pornographic imagery flooding the site earlier this month. Facebook subsequently removed the spam and worked with industry partners in an attempt to plug the problem, thought to have originated from a browser exploit.

    Start from here in the Facebook Definitive Lockdown Guide (September 2011) and follow the slides through to show you how to remove applications that are spammy, rogue or unwanted. You can even turn off the application platform entirely, to disable all applications from interacting with your Facebook profile.

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  • RE: 15 techy things to keep you busy this Thanksgiving

    These are not "techy" things... half of them are Apple iThing related and the other half is about social sites (Facebook, Google Music, etc).

    Techy things would be things like tweak Windows for performance, upgrade RAM/HDD, install Linux, root your phone and things like that...
    • RE: 15 techy things to keep you busy this Thanksgiving

      @lepoete73 I think if you buy this: http://www.technologyfazer.com/zte-smart-tab-v55-tablet.html smart tab then you will every time busy in using it.
    • RE: 15 techy things to keep you busy this Thanksgiving

      @lepoete73 - agreed. The blurring of lines. It's like voting to put pop singers into the rock and roll hall of fame.

      The iStuff and social stuff is "geek chic" at best...
  • RE: 15 techy things to keep you busy this Thanksgiving

    Upgrade music libraries? Then switch to Zune. No need to upload music; for $10 a month, you have access to over 12 million songs. That's an UPgrade.
  • RE: 15 techy things to keep you busy this Thanksgiving

    Stop making me click 50 times so you can get more page loads and maybe I'll read your articles.