20 creative and inventive '404' website error pages

20 creative and inventive '404' website error pages

Summary: Another website error page? Broken link, or server problem? Here are 20 websites that have made their '404' error pages stand out from the crowd.

TOPICS: Servers

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  • 404 pages are typically boring and dull, or fall down to your browser just showing you an error message. K International plays around with this and adds a little humour to your day, even if you have stumbled into the Web's abyss.

    Find it here.

  • Web designer Alessio Atzeni goes one step further by creating a full-screen cracked-screen effect. While it's more effective on old-school CRT monitors, the graphics are impressive and remains one of the simplest but most visually impressive error pages seen.

    Find it here.

Topic: Servers

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  • There are so many more funny ones out there

    I came across this page one time and had to laugh


    NO this is not a spam link. Just a link to an image of a funny 404 Page.
  • Where's the hiss?

    The Seecoy site would be better (or more annoying -- take your pick) if it had an audio track of white noise.
    • It should have had an embedded '404' 3D image

      But then maybe that was their intent!
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  • Another one

    How about: http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/404
  • Gotta love

    these (my fav's):

    the K International page ... especially this nice little doozy [i]" You were looking for Picnik and got lost "[/i] .. haha!

    Gog.com's rip in the space time continuum

    Mark Dijkstra's play on the classic "I went here, and all I got was this lousy..."

    LEGO's figurines all in a panic over the 404 Error

    Foradian's Hypercube zero (in HTML5) .. very impressive

    and last but by no means least (..drum roll)

    The South Park's 'Royal Pudding' 404 (lmao) ... that one really takes the cake (.. i mean .. pudding).
  • Homestar Runner?

    Can't believe you guys missed this one:


    And also the similar April fools joke which is even better: