20 things we want in iOS 6

20 things we want in iOS 6

Summary: With iOS 6 set to be announced at WWDC 2012 in June, what can we hope to see in the next-generation iPhone and iPad operating system?


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  • If Macs have AirDrop, why can't iOS devices? AirDrop allows users to share files over ad-hoc network connections with other Macs. Seeing as Apple is 'iOS-ifying' its OS X operating system, it would make sense for iOS devices to jump in on the file-sharing action. The trouble is iOS devices do not support many filetypes. In doing so it would turn one's iPhone or iPad into an expensive USB drive. Or, Apple could limit which files are sent over depending on whether the filetype is supported. I see no reason why this could not work.

    Image credit: ZDNet.

  • Spotlight -- iOS' in-built search function -- works well, but it isn't pushed to its limitations. Named after its OS X counterpart, the desktop version is also marred by how much it could do but doesn't. There will be times where you simply want to search your phone for something, like a contact card or an email, but more often than not you turn to 'search' as your primary webpage. Spotlight could prefetch images and Web results as they are typed -- like a predictive Google search -- but also be turned off to prevent churning up a user's data plan./

    Image credit: ZDNet.

  • Apple gives iPhone users a liberal amount of folder space for apps to be stored in. But for iPad users, the larger screen does not mean larger folders. iOS is good for adapting to its iPhone or iPad environment, and often offers users different features depending on which device is being used. And while folder size is only a small problem for few, it remains a feature missing and could be easily corrected.

    Image credit: ZDNet.

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  • Jailbreak is where it's at

    As you pointed out in several of the captions, a good many of these desired features are already available, if you're willing to jailbreak the phone. For example, I'm able to dictate my tweets to Siri, on my iPhone 4 (not 4S), and am running a windowed environment "Quasar" on my iPad 2.

    A good site for information about jailbreaking is http://jbqa.me/ (not spam, this site is free, nothing for sale, and endorsed by several of the gurus of the jailbreak community)
    • or just get a high end android

      not rooting or jailbreaking necessary many of those features are already there right out of the box.

      I always giggle when I see all thes "wants" and "must haves" for iOS each year and I just shake my head at how lame the iPhone is but soooo over the top glorified like it's the second coming of Christ.

      *shakes head*
      • No kidding

        I'm scrolling through this list, and for most of them I just think about how my 2 year old evo 4g already does that and has for quite sometime.
  • Multiple accounts not needed for iPad.

    Just buy one iPad for each family member. Stop being such a cheakskate. Apple needs your money.
  • Ok so...

    So my opinion...

    8-13-18- & 19 are cool and would definitely spruce up my experience...


    I hope these DOES NOT make it to iOS.

    In fact... you MISSED a MAJOR need..... A better keyboard.
    The features i saw with BB10 in their new soft-keyboard ARE AWESOME!!!!!!

    I would LOVE to have those on my iPhone and ipad!
    Bay Area CA Male
  • Oy yeah and about 17...


    I HATE, Hates, HATED HATED HATED profiles when I think of the HELL days of using a blackberry!!!!!!!!!!

    WAAAAYYYYY Needlessly complicated!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you dont want your profanity filled ring tonoe going off at work, just hit the silent button!!!! a good vibrate is all you need.
    Bay Area CA Male
  • Clean up the code

    I was running iOS 4 on my 3rd gen touch for as long as I could. I was experiencing app crashes, sluggish OS response, updating issues, etc. I was concerned about reports about iOS 5 battery life issues. Finally, I updated. Still having crashing apps, slow apps that were not slow before and sluggish OS response. The thing is only 1.5 years old and it feels like its obsolete. Stop adding crap features people don't need and keep it simple.
  • what about

    extending Auto-Correction options (on/off) when physical keyboards are in used?
  • I wish they would fix Lion first

    Lion is Apple's Vista. I put in on 2 of my Macs and will never return to it. I could care less about iOS. Apple gives you a state, while Android gives you the world
  • Zuker

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  • Thoughts

    1. Auto-updating: Yes, absolutely! It is a bit bothersome to update apps manually, and I imagine most people don't even bother.

    2. Backing up app data: Umm, isn't that already part of a full backup?

    3. Multitasking: Kinda. I don't think that task management is as important as it used to be, though. For the most part, the OS itself should be taking care of task management.

    4. AirDrop: Umm, what? Just use Dropbox.

    5. Predictive search: I barely use search at all. The way iOS works means you usually know where what you want is anyways.

    6. Larger folders on iPad: Yes.

    7. Manageable notifications: The big problem for me is that it's odd what shows up and what doesn't. It's as if iOS were limiting how many notifications it gets or something. It's better than nothing, but not really predictable.

    8. Split screens for iPad: Yes.

    "It's a desktop-like feature and could be seen as regressive for a mobile operating system."

    Regressive? Hardly. The desktop does a lot of stuff right, despite ZDNet's extreme bias against it.

    9. Revamped YouTube: Agreed. I don't use the iPhone app anymore, I use the mobile webpage.

    10. Simple toggle buttons: As long as they're not THAT big - I want the notification center to be for notifications.

    11. Panorama: This would be nice, but not vital. Apps like Photosynth work fine for this.

    12. Pre-installed Facebook: Umm, why? I don't even understand why they did Twitter. If there's problems with OS integration, they need to work to provide the devs more APIS.

    13. Siri-controllable iOS functions: Maybe. I don't have Siri. How about allowing the iPhone 4 to use it? I have to wait for my contract to be over to upgrade.

    14. Let Siri Tweet: Not that I care, I barely use Twitter. I don't see why so many people like it.

    15. Let people change Siri's voice: Would be nice, I imagine, but not vital.

    16. Sort out the photo stream: I barely use it. It has a limited time before deleting pics, so I don't trust it. Frankly, I use Windows Live Photo Gallery to download my pics to Dropbox anyways.

    17. Sound profiles: If you don't want people to listen to your punk-rick ringtone - don't use a punk-rock ringtone. Honestly, this sounds a bit too much like feature bloat. Personally, I just make my iPhone ring like a regular phone. Works everywhere.

    18. Multiple accounts for iPad: Perhaps. I can see it.

    19. Voice dictation on legacy devices: Yes, absolutely. Not that I will use it for actual voice dictation a lot (I've tried it many times, most dictation technologies simply don't work with my voice, sorry!), but I think some people may like it.

    20. Multi-protocol iMessage: Totally. I simply don't use it at all. None of my family has Macs or iPhones, and that includes most of my extended family, not to mention most of my friends. I simply do not understand why Apple has to limit iMessage (and Facetime) to only Apple users and devices. It's simply too limiting.

    Personally, I've just been using Skype for voice/video and Trillian for messages.
    • Nice - My Version

      1. Auto-updating: Yes, absolutely! Add the ability to select which are auto and which are manual.

      2. Backing up app data: Like it but to other clouds instead of iCloud.

      3. Multitasking: Yes!!!! Please!!!! That is one of the 5 reason I jb my iPad. iOS5 does a poor mem management job.

      4. AirDrop: Use Dropbox.

      5. Predictive search:Don't use as I find it is not always accurate.

      6. Larger folders on iPad: Yes. Maybe even folders in folders.

      7. Manageable notifications: These are so screwed up as it is. Either fix them (copy android for all I care) or else dump them.

      8. Split screens for iPad: Yes. This is a serious no-brainer.

      9. Revamped YouTube: Yes. The current iOS version is beyond lame. Fix it or dump it.

      10. Simple toggle buttons: Add them. Small, unibtrusive and scroll left - right for complete list. Do not make them typical iOS jumbo blotches.

      11. Panorama: Cool - nice to play with but not critical. Still.... nice to have especially as it is already there.

      12. Pre-installed Facebook: No. If I want it I'll add it.

      13. Siri-controllable iOS functions: Rather fix Siri first. If the function does not work 90%+ of the time I just skip it and go manual. I hate having to flip between Siri and manual 'cause she is moderately dense.

      14. Let Siri Tweet: See 13.

      15. Let people change Siri's voice: Nice idea. Unfortunately most men would find their wives wanting them to use a mans voice. And we know what the pedo's would choose....

      16. Sort out the photo stream: Don't use it. Dropbox. Allowing naming of photos. Next.

      17. Sound profiles: Good idea if done right. I like the ICS "face down to silence" effect.

      18. Multiple accounts for iPad: Nope. Have a 16gb iPad2 with little to no room left and I am not paying the Apple robbery prices for more mem. This would just make it worse.

      19. Voice dictation on legacy devices: Yes, absolutely. I use it on my Skyrocket with ICS and it is a great tool. Unfortunately iOS on the 4 and 4S does a poor enough job of voice interpretation that I gave up on it.

      20. Multi-protocol iMessage: No. Some may like it but if I want to IM via a specific protocol the last thing I want is the iOS crippled interpretation of it.

      Overall most of these are nice and one of the reasons why I say ICS is far ahead of iOS. Hopefully 6 will close the gap and maybe, just maybe pull a step or two ahead.

      Then again, maybe not.
  • Ability to search by photo name.

    With thousands of photos on the iPhone it can be difficult to find that special shot for the client. The ability to search by photo title would be a terrific feature.
  • Multiple account for family please!!!

    The rest is not anywhere near as important.
  • What I think it really needs...

    Apple should open up the APIs for Siri, spotlight, iMessage and the Notification Centre... like that, they would not need to worry about implementing most of what is said above... Split screen would be really useful (much like MS's courier?) and Accounts would also be useful (but the way stuff is currently stored in iOS? i don't think it would be coming soon)... also, they should let users change cloud service providers =)
  • These 6 are enough instead of 20

    I think there are more important things;

    1.3G Video call like Samsung (not like Facetime,not via internet connection)
    2.File sharing via bluetooth (not only between ios devices)
    3.Better Siri like S-Voice
    4.Radio -not via internet- (i don't know software update enough or not)
    5.Face down to silence
    6."Send report" for messages
    7.Customizable "Home Screen"
    8."Wifi settings" and "Cellular Data Settings" should be at same place in settings
  • ORLY?

    Really #12??? Pre-installed FB app? This is what we need? I certainly do not need, won't ever need, and won't ever want any FB crap on any of my devices.
  • iOS 6

    iOS 6 has officially been revealed its features