20 Windows Phone apps for business (gallery)

20 Windows Phone apps for business (gallery)

Summary: According to recent figures Apple has 10 times more apps than Microsoft but that doesn't mean Windows Phone users don't have a lot to choose from.


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  • This app that lets you calculate cab fares around the world - and helps you work out how much local currency to take on your next business trip.

    There are many similar apps that are geared for individual citiesl

    Price: Free

    Image: Marketplace

  • You can pick one of several apps track what time your flight or maybe a colleague or customer's flight will be arriving.

    Price: Free


  • This personal finance app lets you keep track of your expenses, organize your personal income, and plan your budget. It lets you build charts and graphs, warn you of upcoming bills, and track your credit card usage.

    Price: $3.99 but there is a free stripped down version.

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  • RE: 20 Windows Phone apps for business (gallery)

    I really appreciate this post and find the suggestions very usefull. I also appreciate you extending the list to 20, but I have one simple request: could you please correct/clarify the QR code entry. It does not specify the app name so I am searching blindly throughout the marketplace. THANKS!
  • RE: 20 Windows Phone apps for business (gallery)

    Also, WP7 marketplace passed 60,000 apps in January '12.