21 changes to look for in the Windows 7 Release Candidate

21 changes to look for in the Windows 7 Release Candidate

Summary: Windows 7 Build 7048, which leaked out of Microsoft's labs last week, isn't the long-awaited Release Candidate (RC), but it does include changes that were checked in after the beta release and will be a part of the RC when it's ready. Here's a preview of 21 changes - some big, some small - that should be included. For more details, see A sneak peek at the Windows 7 Release Candidate.

TOPICS: Windows, Microsoft

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Topics: Windows, Microsoft

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  • I prefer the Vista-style background and icons.

    But hey! Windows 7 is nice!

    What I do miss, though, is the classy look of
    Windows Media Player 11 that I did not get with
    Windows Media Player 12.
    Grayson Peddie
    • re: I prefer the Vista-style background and icons

      I'm w/ you. The original icons look better, more mature.
    • That's the first thing I was going to say too

      I love all the Windows 7 changes ... [b]except for the icons[/b].

      Vista had the best improvements in icons of any OS (IMHO). I can't believe they're going to abandon that great look so soon, and regress to blown-up XP-style icons. Yuck!
      • Total aggreement

        I aggree; The new icons look like amature work
  • RE: 21. More user data in default backup sets (21 changes to look for in the Windows 7 Release Candidate)

    Vista and anything that remotely resembles Vista is dumb.
    • Kind of like the post you just did...nt

  • Ctrl+Alt+Del

    I was incredibly impressed with Windows 7 over Vista, the only thing that irked me in my couple of hours playing with it, was the Ctrl+Alt+Del.

    Try it, do you really want some fancy screen and have to make YET ANOTHER step, when you are trying to end a program? Possibly you've lost the mouse as well! Not ruddy likely! Microsoft take note! Apart from that well done!
    • The real shortcut you're looking for...

      ...is Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Try it!

      [Edited to refer to correct shortcut. Sorry!]
      Ed Bott
      • I think...

        ...you mean ctrl+alt+esc
        • I meant

          Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Thanks. I've edited my comment.
          Ed Bott
    • Crtl+Shift+Esc

      ...or Ctrl+Shift+Esc. It's easier to do with one hand too! On a standard keyboard, press Ctrl and Shift with the side of your left thumb, and then reach up to Esc with your middle finger!
    • Agree first thing-

      -I noticed tried but failed to find fix for one-step to Task Manager.And what is the change from cool Vista Panel to dull dull bland pale blue one!
  • Refine the useless and fail to optimise the essential

    Nice icons, shame the file and network copying is still crippled like Vista.

    Windows 7 is good in so many areas, but why are they still overlooking performance?

    What use is a car with curtains, if it's top speed is 20mph?
    • How about some facts..

      ..to back up your claims concerning slow network speed?

      My personal experience sure tells another story. Done a lot of copying over the network with the beta. The typical speed on my home network (100MBit) is around 12MByte/s, which is the max Speed a 100 MBit line can deliver.

      And by the way, Vista SP1 doesn't perform worse...
    • err?

      Read Adrian's benchmark. It's faster than XP.
      XP SP3 wasn't the fastest in a single category.
      The newest 7 build was the fastest overall. By
      a lot.
      • Yes makes -

        My Xp feel and look like a slug,it will feel sad to go back to slug.
    • Dude...

      Have you heard of something called Vista SP1.. After you install it, file and network copy were significantly faster. Same with Win 7. Of course this is a typical response, or if you have added the service pack maybe you need some system optimization..
  • all eyecandy

    Why do we give a hoot about all the eyecandy. They still don't get it!!! Performance dummies!!!!
    • OK, how do you suggest...

      That I show performance changes in a screenshot gallery? Hmmm?
      Ed Bott
      • LOL