5 insanely cool robots (photos)

5 insanely cool robots (photos)

Summary: Here are some of the latest creations that you'd love to have but never could afford - unless you join the army.

TOPICS: Emerging Tech

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  • The configurable Warrior is basically a Lego Mindstorm for those with Bill Gates’s or Uncle Sam’s budget.

  • It can even be used as a plow. How would you like that for the winter in the north?

  • The PacBot has been around for a while - saving many lives in Iraq. It's thermal camera will provide images in complete darkness, smoke obscured areas and battlefields.

Topic: Emerging Tech


David Gewirtz, Distinguished Lecturer at CBS Interactive, is an author, U.S. policy advisor, and computer scientist. He is featured in the History Channel special The President's Book of Secrets and is a member of the National Press Club.

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  • RE: 5 insanely cool robots (photos)

    Very interesting that every single "Insanely Cool" robot is an "iRobot"!!!

    *(wait..that was the point, wasn't it...never mind!)
  • RE: 5 insanely cool robots (photos)

    They're a wireless reincarnation of the British Army Wheelbarrow system, Its been in use in excess of 30 yrs
  • cool looking only

    Never understood something like this in a military application. RPG takes it out instantly along with other things bullets to the treads grenades etc....
    • cool looking only

      Don't let the pictures fool you. Do some research and you will find out what these robots can do and how many soldiers lives have been saved.
    • RE: 5 insanely cool robots (photos)

      Your question could just as easily be ask, "Why do we put people, trucks, barracks, fueling depots or anything around in combat that could get hit?" You do it because at the end of the day you need t get the job done and you can only protect something/someone so much, but given the choice let the robot take fire. Moreover, if you have an RPG, do you do for the five-foot robot or the "Deuce and a half" cargo truck?
    • RE: 5 insanely cool robots (photos)


      Because we'd rather the RPG hit a robot then a human. duh!
  • RE: 5 insanely cool robots (photos)

    Dear domma;
    The POINT of these devices is that THEY take the RPG, the bullets, the grenades to the treads, etc. - NOT a human trooper. The ROBOT goes in and disarms the IED. The ROBOT goes in FIRST and locates the Terrorist crouched in a corner with 2 pounds of C-4 strapped to her body with a dead-man switch in her sweaty, shaking hand. NOT some Marine or Ranger who just wants to survive 13 months and come home!
    Get it? Can you understand that?
  • RE: 5 insanely cool robots (photos)

    Now, to get the price down, have the Chinese manufacture them!!!
    • just insane period. No wonder you have a huge deficit

      @incumudro yes indeed and also stop these american adventures which end up in total failures and huge cost in human lives...remember Viet Nam/Cambodia/Laos and a whole lot of other places. Do you know that US is involved in fighting criminal groups in Southern Philippines (actually just rebranded to terrorist to justify having US military present).
      • RE: 5 insanely cool robots (photos)

        @Bradish@... Please refrain from talking about shit you know nothing about. I am in the Philippines, and the violent Islamic separatists in Mindanao are real. Moro Islamic Liberation Front is real, Abu Sayyaf is real. There was a bombing in Manila attributed to Abu Sayyaf just a couple of months ago.

        And yes, they are terrorists. Yes, they are criminals.
  • phht...played out robots

    Want to show us some pics of "insanely cool robots"? Show us something with a bite. Some armed robots that shoot bullets, grenades, rockets, or self-destruct would be nice to talk about. I think arming these have been slow. They've used aerial arnmament robots for ages. I bet a robot would be a super stable sniper platform. It can even lay in wait for ages with solar power or something keeping a link up. Want to get rid of it after a mission? Why bother waste the fuel and risk soldiers to retrieve it. Self destruct!