7 critiques of the new iPad

7 critiques of the new iPad

Summary: After spending 3 solid days with the new iPad, here are 7 critiques I have.

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

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  • New iPad Critiques

    After my glowing first impressions post regarding the new iPad, I have now spent a few days (instead of just an hour, as with my "first impressions" post) with the device. As such, I've gathered a list of 7 critiques of the new iPad; things that you will want to be aware of, especially if you plan on purchasing one. Despite these shortcomings, I love the new iPad and I have no problem whatsoever with replacing my iPad 2 with it. It's just going to take a little while before I can fully enjoy it, as you will see.


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  • The new iPad gets hot!

    If you plan on playing the games that show off the graphic capabilities of the new iPad, then prepare to experience quite a bit of heat in your hand. The section pointed out in the image above is where it gets the hottest -- presumably, where the quad-core GPU is located. The heat dissipates quickly across the rest of the device, but only the farthest corner diagonally remains mostly unaffected.

    I'm really curious to see someone take temperature readings of the new iPad after 20-30 minutes of graphic-intensive gaming. It doesn't become too hot to handle for me, but it might for young children or those with relatively sensitive hands. If you flip it over to play upside-down, then you'll be covering the speaker with your left hand. Time to break out the headphones, I guess?


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Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • Don't worry

    When you pay $600 (or more) for next year's model, they'll fix some of those things. In the meantime, just keep repeating to yourself , "I'm cool.... I'm cool, I stood in line and got high-fived when I bought this, I'm cool".
    • Seriously sorry you can't afford one right now:(

      Still it is not unusual for people of a like mind to gather and yes enjoy one another's company. Super Bowl parties and other sporting events come to mind. Concert goers. The list goes on and on and on it's harmless, and "IF" the people involved are having fun why do you care? You sound like the Scrooge who is angry at the people of Whoville because they are having a good time at Christmas. Bah! Grrrrrr!

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • relax

        I don't think he really cares what apple fans do. I think he was just making fun of them. I don't like boy bands and would never go see one live in concert but I would make fun of a guy who does go to see them. That doesn't mean I care what they do, I just like having a laugh at their expense.
      • Always relaxed and curious....

        I was wondering why someone would post and or think like he/she does. So it's to make fun of others no actual point to be made just that? Not even sure why he/she would consider that fun nor do I think those who do wait in line care what he/she thinks. I'm fairly certain that they are aware that their are those who don't agree with their products of choice like people are aware there are different car makers out there and TV makers etc.. etc. Lady Ga Ga fans are likely aware there are detractors as well:) The really nice thing about living in a free country is that everyone gets to have an opinion and you can't be wrong. If you think differently go ahead and PROVE an Apple fan is wrong. I double dog dare ya! Gauntlet thrown. I'm betting you can't and what ever attempt you make will only show your personal views not a universal truth or anything like that.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
      • Isn't that the definition of a cult?

        "an instance of great veneration of a person, ideal, or thing, especially as manifested by a body of admirers"

        If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. LOL
      • Merriam Webster

        @ mrxxxman
        Um, no, actually, that is not even close to the definition of the word "cult".
    • umm

      actually i'm a first time IPAD buyer and went in knowing 100% the product would not be perfect, that it would come down in price and issues would be fixed next year. Every year they will come out with a bigger and better product so what? never buy for that reason? I may be dead next year. I could care a less if it gets hot, has WIFI issues or the battery gets sucked dry. It's still the best tablet around. Let's face it, everyone in the world will own an apple product eventually and Microsoft will always play catch up.
      • "everyone in the world will own an apple product eventually"

        Really? Including the more than half of the world who currently struggles to find enough food each day or clean drinking water? Them too? You might think it's morally ok to waste USD$500-$600 EVERY YEAR to have the latest i-lust gadget that allows you to entertain and amuse yourself in such meaningful / useful ways (which will be recounted in history books decades from now... not), but the truth of it is that while half the world goes without, the "west" slips ever further into debt and laziness, helped along by slick marketers - of which Apple is currently king.
  • you guys with the Apple hating thing are seriously getting old

    Do you really care that much? I don't love apple products as much as you hate me loving them. get a life.
    • I don't hate you

      I don't even hate Apple. You've got to somewhat admire a company that can get people to become sheep while all the time maintaining with great pride how they "aren't sheep" whilst standing in line for hours (year after year) to get something they could just walk in and buy next week. A true marketers dream.
      • And I could watch the Super Bowl rather than go.

        I can listen to an artists song rather than see them live. I can wait till the movie I want to see comes out on Netflix or DVD rather than go to the movies and actually see it when it comes out. Again the list goes on and on and on. Why am I a sheep when you are the one bleating here!?!

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
      • I partially agree with you, but...

        Yes, there are plenty of Apple "sheeple," but not everyone who buys their products marches to the beat of their drum. I've waited in line for plenty of products in the past; I just love technology in general. I'm not brand-loyal to Apple or Microsoft or whoever else.

        If I see something I like and I want it, then I'll go get it. Who cares if some people feel cool and give each other high-fives? If the price is of no consequence to the buyer and they enjoy a product that much, good for them.

        You feel enlightened while iPad users feel whatever they feel from owning their device. I'll leave you to your "enlightened" disposition while I enjoy a device that I would still purchase regardless of the manufacturer.

        *No high-fives were given or "I'm cool's" uttered while waiting in line for my iPad. ;)

      • If Apple fans are sheep...

        What do you call Microsoft fans? Many more of them continue to buy PCs year after year...
      • Two corrections to your 7 iPad critiques


        Quite fair gallery, except for two things:

        1) [b]there is standard connector for iPad for SD cards[/b] -- you should have been at least mention it;

        2) [b]4:3 aspect ratio is worse for films, but much better for all other activity[/b]. This should have been mentioned, too.

      • There is a term to describe that state of mind. It's called being a...

        Neophiliac. "A neophile or neophiliac can be defined as a personality type characterized by a strong affinity for novelty."

        A large majority of iUsers suffer from this "condition." LOL
      • Why Sheep?

        Why do people waiting in line have to be sheep? You may or may not be an Apple hater but calling Apple fans sheep is always one of the last resorts haters use against Apple. They have to believe they are sheep because the simple fact that people like Apple products so much they are willing to stand in line is something they can not comprehend. God forbid they acknowledge the quality of Apple's offerings, better to insult the customers that don't agree with their hatred of Apple.
      • umm

        who's standing in lines? I pre-ordered mine and picked it up at Fed ex with nobody in line, way to generalize
  • Critiques?

    You don't have 7 critiques. You have 1 critique containing 7 criticisms.
    • 'Critique' and 'criticism'.

      They are synonymous. Check out some online dictionaries and thesauruses sometime. You might be surprised by what you learn.
      • hmgbird is partly right

        They are synonymous but a critique is an entire review and each point made is not a separate "critique". If 7 people review the iPad and write about it that is 7 critiques.
        Criticism can be used two ways - as a synonym for critique and as a single critical point (which can then be counted). When it is used as a synonym to critique this article can be referred to as A criticism and each of the points made as 7 criticisms.