A closer look at Office Starter 2010

A closer look at Office Starter 2010

Summary: Office 2010 Starter is a new option that replaces the old, time-bombed trial versions from earlier Office versions. This no-nonsense splash screen explains what’s available in the “reduced functionality” version and includes one of many Purchase buttons available throughout the program.


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  • The Starter edition of Word includes the full assortment of built-in templates and also offers access to every template available on Office.com from Microsoft and trusted third parties as well as from user-contributed sources.

  • Is that ad bar on the right side annoying? Better get used to it, because there’s no obvious way to remove it (that’s a cue for resourceful hackers if I ever saw one). In this case, using the new Search and Navigation pane was enough to push part of the current document out of the editing window.

  • Several advanced features from the full program are unavailable in Starter edition—especially Reviewing tools and the option to use macros and add-ins. But bread-and-butter features like these slick picture editing tools are identical to those in the for-pay versions.

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  • Take Office With You button

    Hopefully they add this feature to the final, full 2101 version. How useful!
  • Office To-Go

    That is a cool little feature. It should be included in all versions of Office 2010. It would be super helpful to have a light version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and maybe even Outlook on you wherever you go.