A first look at Adobe Acrobat X (screenshots)

A first look at Adobe Acrobat X (screenshots)

Summary: ZDNet UK's Mary Branscombe says the new software will contain some "significant improvements" such as a streamlined interface, guided Actions, and enhanced Portfolios.


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  • Instead of opening ever more toolbars, which was clumsy but quick, you can now customise what goes on the toolbars. You do this either from the menu or from a friendly dialogue box containing the most common tools (that sends you back to the menus for the full set of tools).

  • Tools have moved in Acrobat X Pro, but that's a good thing: everything you can use to protect a document with important information — from encryption to redaction — in is now in the same place and easier to find.

  • Adding comments is still slightly long-winded — you can't just click to type in a correction or missing word. Instead, you have to select the tool to insert text first, even if you've just typed something, which means you're mousing back and forth between the document and the taskpane. Sseeing the list of comments in the same place as the tools is more convenient though.

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  • I don't think I need it

    I'm currently running Acrobat Pro 8.0. Unless there's more that meets the eye in the screenshots, this update doesn't seem to offer anything that motivates me to upgrade.
    • RE: A first look at Adobe Acrobat X (screenshots)

      @tw_mama@... it has sandybox built in... Means more protection and security compared to their other reader product
  • But the real question

    have they trimmed the actual bloat at all, or is this thing still over a gig of space and a DVD-R's worth of CAB files?