A first look at Windows Vista (finally!)

A first look at Windows Vista (finally!)

Summary: It's taken years longer than even the most pessimistic Microsoft watcher expected, but Windows Vista, formerly code-named Longhorn, has finally been released to manufacturing. Here's a detailed look at what's inside.


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  • Feedback to story

    Looks like the same old Microsoft crap to me.
  • Wow on that mixer

    Wow - you can set the volume for individual applications now?

    I've been dreaming of that for years!
    • Disk management

      "Vista's Disk Management console includes the capability to shrink or extend a hard disk partition (called a volume in Windows-speak) so you can configure a dual-boot system or move data files to a separate volume. In all previous Windows versions, this required third-party tools."

      Will it be able to do this without losing data???

      That's the important question!
      • Yes

        I've shrunk and extended many disks. It's very, very fast and hasn't caused a single problem for me.
        Ed Bott
        • Great!!

          Rapartitioning has always been a most problematic part of Windows, glad to see it's much easier now!
      • re: Disk Management

        I would presume that on a system like mine, which is too old to support 48-bit LBA in BIOS (and which requires a software solution), the answer would probably be "no". (Even a third-party app, Acronis Disk Director 10, to be specific, fouled up my 250Gb main drive when I attempted to create a second partition on that drive.)
        M.R. Kennedy
        • Why not just throw in a new controller?

          A decent PCI-based IDE controller would cost you about $10. Why not do that?
          Ed Bott
  • Looks great!

    Its like they finally became computer users themselves and made the operating system truly useful. It looks like its ready for the next 5 years of future computing. great!
    MIS Master
  • Pictures ???

    Nice thumbnails ... where are the actual images ???
    • Working fine here on both IE and FF

      Are you using any ad-blocking software? I suppose it's possible that the screens are being blocked for you.
      Ed Bott
      • No luck yet ...

        Tried it in both IE 6 and FF ... Made sure all IE, Google Toolbar, and FF Popup/Ad blockers are off ... still no images. Upgraded FF to and same result. Trien opening them in new windows, new tabs ... nothing. The windows/tabs come up, but have the same content as the parent. Checked FF Extensions for conflicting applets, nothing that would block images/windows. Strange.
      • Ok, now thats just wierd ...

        Rebooted and wallah ... there are images here! Ain't technology wonderful ??? [sheesh] As Rosanna Rosanna Danna used to say ... "Nevermind".
        • And...

          Yes I know wallah isn't a real word, but I don't speak French, so .... hehe ;-)
  • What will be interesting is the underlying stuff...

    I work in a shop with about 40 graphics designers who mainly use Macs, but some of the production work is also done on Windows. Some of my power users run into real problems with Windows that aren't evident in casual use, but still manage to cause problems. It would be nice if MS has managed to fix some of these in the new version of Windows.

    Ever tried to read from a smudged CD or DVD? It basically locks up almost everything in Windows.

    Ever tried to transfer thousands of files from directory or device to another? Windows hits some kind of limit that slows it to a crawl when the selection is over a couple of thousand files.

    Ever tried to transfer thousands of files from a CD or DVD? Windows goes crazy, causing the optical drive to do thousands of unnecessary seeks and taking HOURS to transfer mere megabytes.

    Disk maintenance and volume maintenance on Windows has not kept up with the expanding capacities. The tools available today were designed to manage disks sizes of 10 years ago, not the gigabyte monsters available today.
    terry flores
    • i know 2 of those are fixed

      file transfers and disk maintenance. not sure about the other one
      MIS Master
    • for lots of files, use xcopy

      yews it is a pain, but if you do it a lot, it is worthwhile to start/run cmd, then use xcopy to copy files from one device or folder to another - many many times faster
  • Big Fat Icons is not necessarily better..

    So Does any experienced user need more, larger graphics to work with a computer? Don't most experienced users just want to use their apps?

    --not impressed so far...
    • you just look at the pictures

      are you just a small child who just looks at pictures or did you read the captions? theres nothing in there that talks about large icons.
      MIS Master
  • Thanks

    Thanks for the walk thru. Looks very good to me and if it works without a lot of critical problems even better. Next we come to the price of getting this new wonder. I myself will wait for others to get the bugs fixed and Microsoft to decide that everyone cannot afford their high prices. Some of us are Seniors and need some sort of Senior price too.

  • classic look

    it does have the classic look, doesn't it?