A walk through Google Drive (Screenshots)

A walk through Google Drive (Screenshots)

Summary: Google Drive is much, much, more than just another storage option. Let's look it over shall we?

TOPICS: Google, CXO, Hardware, Storage

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  • Remember what I said about Google Drive being more than storage? It also seamlessly integrates Google Docs and includes revision control. Don't like the changes you made to a document? Just click back to an earlier one.

  • Google Drive also lets you share your work with co-workers. They can then either edit it themselves, if you let them, or they can just comment on it. This is a handy feature.

  • There are also a host of business applications either already here, or on their way, to Google Drive, like WeVideo that will let you do group video-editing on media files kept on Google Drive.


Topics: Google, CXO, Hardware, Storage

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  • No!!!

    It is just another cloud storage option, and is completely outclassed by Skydrive.
    • Really?

      Really? Skydrive? I mean, I like the space (but then again I do have 50 GB free on Box.net) but it is just nothing compared to the other things out there like DropBox (reliable and easy sharing and syncing) and UbuntuOne(making public links is easy and if using Ubuntu it is great).

      Or even iCloud (integration with Apple in sync and sharing).

      So while I won't be swearing my loyalty to Drive just yet, I can't help but be intrigued as an avid Docs user.
      • what's wrong with skydrive?

        I have found skydrive (with the new client) to be reliable and easy sharing and syncing so I'm not sure what it's missing.

        I especially like (and it's a killer feature for me) having all my docs locally where I can edit them in Word, Excel, etc. as well as available to edit with the browser versions if I'm away from my desktop. With GDrive only your non-GDocs files are synced, the rest are still in the cloud.

        So, with skydrive, my data is local and available. I can edit on my desktop (Word and Excel are just more smooth than online equivalents) or online if I need to. It's a great combination of availability and accessibility.
    • Unless you have a mobile device using Android

      Which SOME people have...

      SkyDrive does not support Android. Only iPhone/iPad, Windows phone (?), PCs, & Macs.

      So if you have a SkyDrive acct (as I do), & Android phone, either switch smart phones or go to a desk & use your PC/Mac. Until MS recognizes Android/Google. Right.
      • G**gle before you post

        Multiple apps on Android to access SkyDrive (107 results from search on app market), including one from MS (OneNote Mobile). Not partial to any service. Like some things about them all, e.g. Dropbox's automatic camera upload feature. Sign up for everything, accumulate about 75 GB of storage and let your devices sort it out amongst themselves :-)
  • Salesman?

    OMG, sometimes I feel SJVN is just a google salesman / pitchman! Chrome, drive, Android .. the list is endless :) BTW, this thing is just another storage option - just okay and late in this market, whatever spin you try to give it.
  • freelance

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  • DIDO - Drive without fluff

    Data In and Data Out,
    What's the big fuss all about?
    Dollars in and Dollars out,
    I just want the "least data path" to get the needed info with less "data fluff"
  • Review or Blog?

    Can't help but notice ZDNet pretty much endorses anything Google every chance they can. Feels much more like a personal blog than a professional review. I'm a Google corporate and consumer customer, so I don't have an ax to grind. But, have to agree with many here that GDrive appears to be a nice step forward, but it certainly hasn't done anything yet to outpace folks like Box when all features are considered.
  • First of this ilk ive used but,

    Just using it from my Android handset does seem to offer some nice, albeit not earth shattering, features. And since I'm already knee deep in Google, it's painless - nice place to off-load some of the 30GBs on my SD card. Maybe when I get it on my PC I'll feel differently but, for now, nice, serviceable app. And we all know Google never sits still for very long so, let's just call this v.1.0 and see what happens. In the mean time, I'll look at the other options mentioned.
  • GDocs plus?

    So let me see if I'm getting this...

    This is just Google Docs, right? I mean, they've upped the storage to 5GB and given you a new desktop app to access it with, but it's still just Google Docs, isn't it? What can you do with this that you can't do with Google Docs?

    Although, I guess it is a little more intuitive than using Google Cloud Connect for Office docs. Is that the selling point?
    • Maybe, but Docs is no office and far from it actually...

      and Docs interface is flat at best, right now MS has them beat on UI, Function and with SkyDrive (I have 25 Gig free), space (7 for Docs). So I don't get it either, SJVN is very wrong and even his screen shots show...nothing. You could do the same thing with DropBox screen shots.
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