A walk through Mint Linux's new/old Cinnamon desktop (Gallery)

A walk through Mint Linux's new/old Cinnamon desktop (Gallery)

Summary: Tired of GNOME 3, Ubuntu Unity and HUD? Want classic an updated classic GNOME 2.x interface? Then Linux Mint has the desktop for you Cinnamon.


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  • Cinnamon does more than just give you a menu though it combines a search function from the GNOME 3.x desktop to make finding applications a snap.

    Credit: Cinnamon.png

  • Cinnamon also makes it easy to set up the desktop so it works the way you want it to work rather than how a designer thinks you should work.

    Credit: Cinnamon.png

  • Cinnamon also comes with “special effects” for your desktop. In my experience though these are still a little wet behind the ears for regular use.

    Credit: Cinnamon.png

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  • RE: A walk through Mint Linux's new/old Cinnamon desktop (Gallery)

    Wow. I was about to install Xubuntu 10.4 because I've always used Xubuntu, but I think I may give Mint with Cinnamon a trial.
    • RE: A walk through Mint Linux's new/old Cinnamon desktop (Gallery)

      Sure! Download it, then start adding 10-12 apps in the favorite bar, and see where the Menu goes. Go with Xubuntu, and don't wast eyour time!
  • RE: A walk through Mint Linux's new/old Cinnamon desktop (Gallery)

    Just going by the pictures, it looks impressive.
  • My Kids are Linux Kids

    Ive got my 14yr old Daughter on Ubuntu studio on her old Acer Aspire 3000 but after seeing this I think I will put my 10 yr old who is getting his first laptop( his grandads old laptop) on Mint
  • I used Mint until....

    I read an article that was very anti-American, written by the CEO of the Mint. Distro. I never have and never will use this distribution again. It was a decent OS though.
    • RE: A walk through Mint Linux's new/old Cinnamon desktop (Gallery)

      @sammysamcore - Link?

      And is it more anti-American than the name "Ubuntu" which is contrary to the idea of individualism America was founded upon?
      • 'Merica

        I do agree that the whole concept is counterproductive to the conversation at hand, but as far as all the Linux offerings - Ubuntu wins. It has the largest developer community which makes the install more smooth.
    • RE: A walk through Mint Linux's new/old Cinnamon desktop (Gallery)

      @sammysamcore America? Clement Lefebvre, Mint's founder, is better known for how much he hates Jews and Israel. I can usually ignore people's political ravings but Lefebvre is a pretty nasty character. No Mint for me either.
      • Liar...

        He never said he hated Israel, not even Jews.

        He said if you agree with Israel's current govt. then don't donate nor use Linux Mint... PERIOD.

        Don't lie again.
    • No he didn't...

      Maybe you are speaking about the Israel comment he made on his blog that was later removed?

      He said basically for those who support Israel & the govt., don't donate to him, mint, or use the software.

      Wrong to mix business with personal issues but, to each their own.

      Mint is still the best all in 1 Linux OS ( especially LMDE now ) that has come around since Ubuntu.
  • I installed Cinnamon 1.2 on Ubuntu 11.10

    and found it to be a very nice desktop environment, but for simplicity and ease of operation, I prefer Xfce. After trying the latter, I understand very well why Linus Torvalds chose it over the alternatives then available....

  • RE: A walk through Mint Linux's new/old Cinnamon desktop (Gallery)

    I installed Linux Mint for my mother-in-law about 3 years ago (I guess it was Mint 7). a year ago upgraded to Mint 9 and she's pretty happy with it (all she does is internet, youtube and email). Your grandma can do it too ;)
    Tomas M.
  • Mint

    A friend of mine was having severe Windows corruption. I convinced him to let me install Mint 10.By the next day he had figurered out how to change his start up programs, desktop and a few other things. Windows had always perplexed him. He is not a computer literate, but loves not having all those weird little Windows glitches anymore.
  • RE: A walk through Mint Linux's new/old Cinnamon desktop (Gallery)

    I've got to give it a try. I've put up with Unity for the better part of a year now, and it. . . um. . . Still exhibits unacceptable vacuum levels. . . The switcher is just AWFUL.
  • RE: A walk through Mint Linux's new/old Cinnamon desktop (Gallery)

    Hope they get the Netspeed and System manager applets ported over soon! Oh, and a second panel would be nice also!
  • RE: A walk through Mint Linux's new/old Cinnamon desktop (Gallery)

    This looks fine. Sadly, it's not just my own computers I'm going to have to swap over to Mint from Ubuntu, but those of my computer-challenged friends who would never come to terms with the weird HUD desktop.
  • GNOME 3 Fallback mode on old XP computers

    I thought I had a memory problem when I ran the Live DVD of Linux Mint 12 on a 512MB RAM XP laptop and it kept going to GNOME 3 Fallback mode with no panels and 3 icons (Computer, Home and Install Linux Mint). After installing Linux Mint 12 on a new partition of an old XP 1GB RAM desktop computer, I saw that I had to do 2 things to get the GNOME 3 (no effects) desktop to run.
    1. I ran "Metacity" window manager which replaced "Compiz" window manager (Compiz needed a video hardware accelerated graphics card).
    2. I ran "gnome-panel" to bring up the 2 panels, top and bottom.

    To get the Mate desktop to run, I only needed to uncheck "Enable effects" under Session Manager, Required components, in the gConfiguration Editor program.

    So it was my video card that was the problem, not my RAM. Both laptop and desktop computer run those 2 Linux Mint 12 desktops. And Mate looks just like Cinnamon without the visual effects.
  • truly good for Linux Software Developers.

    Looks to be a good system for Software Developers...
    they may not want to keep touching the modern "touch friendly" interface all the time...