Adobe Photoshop store pops up in San Francisco

Adobe Photoshop store pops up in San Francisco

Summary: Adobe is getting into the brick-and-mortar shop least for the next two weeks with a pop-up store in San Francisco.


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  • As seen here and elsewhere within the pop-up shop on larger displays, the Photoshop & You store resembles almost resembles an art gallery rather than a tech store.

  • Adobe showed off its 3D side with this glasses-free display picturing 3D-HD autostereoscopic viewing. Too bad this photo can't capture the full 3D effect. You'll just have to go to the store and see for yourself.

  • To celebrate the opening, Adobe threw a grand opening "housewarming party" for local media and photo aficionados this past weekend complete with a live band and Adobe staff on hand to discuss Creative Suite and the photos on display.

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