All-time funniest 404 pages

All-time funniest 404 pages

Summary: Running into a Web 404 page is a lot like reaching into a bag of pop-corn and pulling out un-popped seeds: Upsetting and mildly annoying.

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  • Not all 404 pages have to be static text or images. You can have, for example, techie artist Steve Lambert's self proclaimed most awkward 404 “movie” page on the Web. Which, I admit, is indeed incredibly awkward.

  • Then, of course, there's the famous—or is it infamous?--Nosh, a mobile app. for tracking down restaurants. And, ahem, sending out elite ex-special forces operatives to track down missing Web pages. Oh, but guys, the page you gunned down? It's not a code 500, it's a code 410: the requested resource is no longer available at the server and no forwarding address is known. This condition is expected to be considered permanent.

  • Did you ever wonder what HAL, the computer from the movie 2001 might be doing in our world? Well, he might be bitching and moaning over at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ACM chapter's Web page.

Topic: Browser

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  • 42

    ...and with this horrible pain in all the diodes down my left side...

    HAL vs Marvin?
  • actually . . .

    "Did you ever wonder what HAL, the computer from the movie 2001 might be doing in our world? "

    Actually, I was thinking the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on that one.
    • Aww what?

      Aww what? -1? y?
      • Score one!

        I hate those stupid numbers. What have they actually achieved?

        Oh and yes, it's clearly not HAL but Marvin.
  • Interestingly enough . . .

    Interestingly enough, despite being slanted at a "broken" angle, the navigation bar on Blizzard's 404 page is still functional!
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction


    How could this list possibly have missed the clasic Weapons of Mass Destruction 404 error message:
    • Actually

      when I tried the Weapons page it gave me a plain old 404 page! Glad to see it's still around, it's certainly a top funny 404.

      • are you sure?

        the reaosn it's the best is it looks just like a classic, until you read tyhe fine print..

        try again?
  • GitHub 404

    GitHub's 404 is pretty funny!
    • Best part is it integrates mobile's accelerometer.

      Nice touch.
  • Nice collection

    404 page errors were never so interesting. Won't mind a 404 error if I get to see such interesting page. :)

    - Sara
  • 404s

    My 404 has had some interesting feedback over the years:
    • Re: 404s

      By interesting I mean that some people believed it...
  • 404 Gallery

    Totally loved the gallery. Thanks for making a rainy Monday brighter.
  • Fun stuff

    A lot of these galleries I can easily do without, but this was a great one. I especially enjoyed the awkward 404. Thanks for the fun!!
  • This is not Ms. Page!

    This is Gretchen Moll who portrayed the legendary Ms. Page in the movie "The Notorious Bettie Page" and this is one of the slicks used to promote the pic. Still, it is nice to ponder.
  • Check out this French 404 page...

    Even if you don't read French (page says "You are lost"), you can see quickly exactly why you are, and what being lost really, truly means: