Amazon's ready with a new Kindle

Amazon's ready with a new Kindle

Summary: Amazon launched its next generation Kindle, which promises a smaller footprint and faster page turns among other items

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  • Look familiar? Here is the original Kindle on the beach.

Topic: Amazon

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  • RE: Amazon's ready with a new Kindle

    And you still need a light to read it? When are the real worth upgrades ?
  • RE: Amazon's ready with a new Kindle

    I fully agree, there should be a built-in light to read in the dark or failing light.
  • RE: Amazon's ready with a new Kindle

    I have both an iPad and a Kindle and continue to use them both heavily. I prefer the Kindle for reading novels, history books, etc and the iPad for more graphic intensive pubs like newspapers, magazines and for work related pdf documents. Kindle is much easier on the eyes and hands for long periods of reading. New design with better button layout, graphite color, higher contrast and attractive price is worth it to me. Nice new cover with built in light (although I have found that I rarely need a light). I will give my older Kindle to a family member.
  • RE: Amazon's ready with a new Kindle

    I prefer the new graphite colour (less Mac-like!), but I can't see any reason (yet) that'll make me upgrade from my Kindle 2. For me, the reading light (or lack thereof) is a red herring... when do you try to read a book in the dark? I can read my Kindle anywhere I can read a book, with less eye-strain, less weight, and a virtual library of reading material at my fingertips... Heaven!
    • RE: Amazon's ready with a new Kindle

      I have the iPad and the Kindle DX. I agree that the light is a red herring... I rarely used book light with paperbacks and I have not needed one yet, for the Kindle. I sometimes read for 8 hours straight. I couldn't do that with an iPad, but I can with a Kindle. I love the Kindle.
  • Got color?

    Wake me up when it has color. (Reminds me of the early days of B&W laptops.)
  • RE: Amazon's ready with a new Kindle

    If I wanted to read in the dark, I'd just use my netbook or laptop. I haven't gotten to the point of buying an e-reader yet, but when I do, it'll have matte e-paper like the Kindle.

    Asus was supposed to be coming out with color e-paper later this year, but I haven't heard anything about it lately, and with the price insanity started by Amazon, I'm wondering if it'll ever hit the market. Anybody know?
  • Light?

    I always have plenty of light because I use the Kindle App on my iPhone - can't find a reason to buy an eReader