An inside look at Windows Phone 7 and its first phones (images)

An inside look at Windows Phone 7 and its first phones (images)

Summary: Microsoft sets its sights on Apple's iPhone and Google's Droid with Windows Phone 7. This will give you an idea what it will look like and some of the first phones that will use it.


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  • Games could be Microsoft's biggest advantage with its existing lineup of Xbox titles that could be refitted into a smartphone. It extends the Xbox LIVE social gaming and delivers a mobile gaming experience users can only get on Windows Phone 7.

  • Another potential advantage is mobile versions of Microsoft Office. It includes familiar Microsoft Office applications including Microsoft Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, and PowerPoint Mobile to view and edit documents. Users can also access information via Microsoft SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010.

  • Windows Phone 7 includes a dedicated camera button that works even when a phone is locked to help capture that important shot. Windows Phone also makes it easy to view pictures, share them with others and view and comment on others’ pictures from this Hub.

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  • I'm very surprised at myself, but...

    Microsoft? And Dell? And I like how it looks? I must have transported to that alternate universe.
  • Hmm ... Was I right to go Android and HTC Desire?

    And can WM7 be retrofitted to 6.5 devices?
  • MS need to make the UI more fun

    Ditch the square looks. The whole thing looks so flat. Nothing shouts "Wow" at all. Part of making these apps work is the location of buttons and menus. These screens must be fakes because the quick choices are not at the same place. Still got ways to go.
  • RE: An inside look at Windows Phone 7 and its first phones (images)

    Too bad it's only for AT&T and T-Mobile. Both have horrid service here in Nevada. I can't see changing from Verizon just for the phone. I'll pass just as I did on the iphone.
    Ole Rellik
  • UI is amazing

    fantastic. clean and sexy
    J hawk 336
  • Why are all the images shown in vertical orientation?

    I would expect to read emails and browse in horizontal mode.
  • What really matters

    Forget the sexy looks. How quickly do web pages load? How well does the calendar sync and back up? (For some reason, despite promises made by Apple and others, calendar syncing is weakness with every smartphone I've tried). If Microsoft can do this well, they have my vote.
    Java the Nut
  • RE: An inside look at Windows Phone 7 and its first phones (images)

    Huh? I don't get the idea of the's not at all intuitive. Can you change them? I think I prefer icons better anyway...more consistent with a computer desktop. This is just confusing.
    • RE: An inside look at Windows Phone 7 and its first phones (images)

      @mark.mccormick@... Really? It's simple to be frank. They are a lot like icons, but they also also display information while they are on your phone. Like showing a change in weather from sunny to cloudy would occur for a weather tile. They can be moved, removed, or added quite easily and you are able to scroll up and down to view many, many tiles.<br><br>It's really quite simple to be honest with you.
  • As expected, looks like a typical piece of MS junk

    Sorry. Too little, too late.

    Too much space wasted on the screen with the large fonts, boring UI. Is there a thriving app market for this OS? I doubt it.

    I'd be willing to bet that browser is Internet Exploder, and you probably can't load an alternate browser. Sorry, guys, but Chrome, Safari and Firefox are the secure, standards-compliant browsers now. If you don't support one of those (preferably the WebKit-based ones [Chrome, Safari, Konqueror]), then you're just sucking wind. Nobody in their right mind trusts IE to do anything serious anymore. It's insecure and buggy, and it still doesn't comply properly with web standards.

    Looks like an ugly, badly-designed virus magnet to me. Toss the Windoze junk and put on Android, and we can talk.

    HTC, you insult us by being a party to this travesty. Your Evo 4G is a magnificent piece of work which has brought you the status of smartphone royalty. Android got you there. You don't need to play in the ditch with these pretenders anymore. Tell M$ to take a hike!
    • RE: An inside look at Windows Phone 7 and its first phones (images)

      @roncemer You insult the world by simply breathing.
    • RE: An inside look at Windows Phone 7 and its first phones (images)


      Eeeh, does iPhone or Android came with Firefox? Not!
      It's just an app.
      When Mozilla or Opera decide to make one for WP7 then it'll be available.

      And your late comment is getting old.
      Android launched with 35 apps and no line on the first day.
      WP7 has almost 2000 apps already by now.

      Also, your ignorance actually insulting.
      • RE: An inside look at Windows Phone 7 and its first phones (images)

        @herry.k I'll bet you're the only idiot who'll buy this pos ms product,too.
  • RE: An inside look at Windows Phone 7 and its first phones (images)

    I really don't like the metro interface philosophy, at least how it is done here.<br><br>If you look at the picture in the article, you can see why: Phone, People, Me, Messaging is OK, but why did you have to add Outlook, and XBox Live (there's also Internet Explorer, but it is not shown here). Outlook is the mail client, why not integrate Outlook in Messaging? And why XBox Live is shown here at this level? I think that there is also an Office tile...<br><br>Microsoft when you are using a paradigm for your UI (and this one is not bad), at least be consistent about it.
  • RE: An inside look at Windows Phone 7 and its first phones (images)

    Their phone will go belly up lol.. No one wants this turd. The world is ruled by AA. Double A for Apple and Android, there's no room for M.
  • RE: An inside look at Windows Phone 7 and its first phones (images)

    Diversity of tastes serves capitalism very well. I think the WP7 is the sexiest mobile OS yet. Birthing pains be damned--I want one now.
  • RE: An inside look at Windows Phone 7 and its first phones (images)

    Lots of MS hate and spewing irrational and uninformed opinions.

    I too, am still unsure of the interface. Yet, most of the people that have actually put their hands on it have liked it a lot (granted they don't necessarily represent the majority).

    I don't know if this phone will make it. It might if it gets enough developer support and has good enterprise-level management tools. Dunno about consumer market, tho.

    Still I do think there isn't space for 4 major platforms, so WP7 either makes and BB dies or it doesn't and BB gets a second wind. I think I'd be putting my money on WP7 in the long run.