Apple Campus 2: Revised concepts of the new Cupertino campus

Apple Campus 2: Revised concepts of the new Cupertino campus

Summary: Apple has submitted revised plans for its next-generation office, dubbed the Apple Campus 2.

TOPICS: Apple, iPhone, iPad, Mobility

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  • As members of the general public will not be allowed onto the Apple campus, a new pedestrian route will be necessary to implement, considering the campus will no longer be split into two by a road. Much of the pedestrian route is covered by a cycling route also.

  • You can see from the building distribution and property ratios that Apple's campus is further away from the road -- and therefore the general public -- giving the company secrecy in what it does, and its employees privacy to work as they will -- but also making the area more attractive and lush with natural elements.

  • The existing "absorbent landscape" on the left shows the areas of the campus which is currently green and open spaces. Because of the building distribution and that whopping great big road that separates the two HP campuses, the new Apple campus will have far greater spaces and greenery, making this campus one of the most beautiful and environmentally friendly in the world. The permeable area of the old campus is 42.6 acres, while the new campus will have 118 acres.

Topics: Apple, iPhone, iPad, Mobility

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  • Interesting...

    At first glance, I wasn't that impressed. But going through the different slides, especially seeing before and after, I can see it's a well design facility. I like that the building feels more apart of the landscape then overwhelming or intruding on it, especially its horizontal nature. Frank Lloyd Wright would approve.
  • What 'revolutionary technologies' are they talking about

    in reference to your comment on the one slide?
    and BTW - everything can be seen from space ;)
    William Farrel
    • everything can be seen from space

      Well, except for the underground parking...
      Hallowed are the Ori
      • Good point

        I forgot about those.
        William Farrel
  • ?

    How's that journalism degree workin' out for ya?

    "Four storeys of beauty"

    • UK English

      In my little world, I welcome corrections. They make me a better person. But I've never understood delivering feedback on the edge of a knife.

      American language isn't the only version of English available.
  • Apple Campus 2: Revised concepts of the new Cupertino campus

    "You said 'underground parking' twice."
    "I like underground parking."
  • Hmm... looks an awful lot like my Stargate's design...

    Great holy armies shall be gathered and trained to fight all who embrace it. In the name of the gods, ships shall be built to carry our warriors out amongst the stars and we will spread Origin to all the unbelievers. The power of the Ori will be felt far and wide and the wicked shall be vanquished.

    (Slightly paraphrased)
    Hallowed are the Ori
  • My take away

    Bulldozing the old HP site...LOL
  • wow

    It looks like a giant iPhone/iPad "home" button.
  • Nature!

    I wish my office was located in the center of a gorgeous park like that!!
  • I like iSpaceShip better

    Seems more appropriate than iDonut.
  • The Steve Jobs Centre

    I think it should be called "The Steve Jobs Centre" - which will probably get abbreviated to "Jobs Centre" in normal conversation.
    'Steve Jobs' to me always infers 'Apple' so using Steve Jobs in the name is equivalent to saying 'The Apple Centre', and would pay an eternal tribute to this great visionary who woke up the world to what should be.
    Rodney Nagel
  • Seen from space?

    For the record, my BBQ grill on the deck is big enough to be seen from space... It is clearly visible on Google Earth.

    That metaphor is soooo last century.
  • is it me or...

    ...does it look like Apple are building a particle accelerator? * cue conspiracy theory *